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Yes, this lucky dog has surfed all 3 named storm's swells this year.   So what? you say? 

I live 3.5 hours from the nearest breaks, that's what, and work a 9-5 job with lots of meetings, so pulling time off to surf takes some effort.

My brother and I Surfed NJ and then later MD on Cristobal (after a quick ferry ride across the bay).  Plucked the boy off the Salisbury Campus after his last class on Thursday and took him to Assateague Island for some really fun surf.

I sneaked my 10'0" longboard into a sweet little barrel that presented itself as a gift to me.  [smile]

Nothing like what you Left Coasters got with Marie, but this old man is stoked and grateful.

"The thing about surfing that sets it apart from everything else, is that you are moving along something that is also moving."  Q

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Stoked is being stoked, no matter left or right.


Live, Life, Love

Oh yeah, Skateboarding and Surfing too!

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I just love this kind of feelings. Congratulation.

And, on the seventh day, God went SKATEBOARDING... and SURFING...

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From another MD guy, sounds super sweet and I'm stoked for you.  [thumb] [thumb] [thumb]
"It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring."  Carl Sagan
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