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Danger!!!  Warning!!!
Please check your trucks, read the little stickers on the truck.  In the photo, it looks like you have the Quick/45° truck (stock yellow springs) in the BACK, and the Stable/30° truck (stock red springs) in the front.

This will cause the board to steer wildly from the back (can you say "Fishtail"?).

I really like my Seismics on my BDS LB, and I'm setting up a Tailgunner with a pair.  Depending on your weight, you may need to go lighter/heavier on the springs, but give the stock ones a few runs, and fiddle with the adjustments before changing springs.  I'm currently weighing ~170, and the stock springs are perfect for me.


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thanks for the warning, when i mounted them the seismic site was down so i guessed, and of course was wrong!  anyway, corrected the next morning after seeing the website and all is good, haven't had a chance to ride 'em but spring will soon be here...

and yea the red springs looked cool next to the banners and the yellow by the bamboo (kinda why i was hoping i had set it up correctly), i was thinking about swapping the stock springs around, has anyone here done that?  the reds are the more stiff of the two so i thought i might like them better on the rear trucks anyway, with the lighter yellow springs in the front.  you seismic guys, will this work???  thanks for the info, and also for the heads up Queue!!!

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Yellow front springs, red rear springs is the ticket. You will dig the Seismics.

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I finally set one of these piggies up.
Randal R-II 180mm w/ Khiro flux risers (purple of course).
Khiro red bushings.
Lotus 2 red wheels with RockinRon's Rockets.
Can't wait to find a good ditch or to hit Landsdowne.

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Frank, That deck is a beauty...the wood is magnificent!

Plus those lighted risers are schweet!

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As much as I love the way my seismics turn. They sure add a ton of weight to my LB. Randal IIs are still some of the best trucks I've skated on my BDS LB for the price. You can almost get two sets of Randals for price of one set of Seismics if you watch ebay.

If Seismics are a drain on your bank account, you aren't sacrificing much by using Randals. Just wish Randal came up with trucks with 180s w/ beefier hangers for transition skating.


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This is my new hill cruiser street blaster surf sk8er   Old Indy 149's with wedge in front flat in rear   and red 80a shogos, oust moc 9,s (rockets soon)and red powell rails.

when I win the lotto  wanna take this beasty to Indian school

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Black Death descends on the Elongated Swine:

(note how they have possesed my dog... pure evil...)


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IS THAT A CORGI?!?! corgis are rad!
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Originally Posted by theshralpster
IS THAT A CORGI?!?! corgis are rad!

Yep! That's "Tommy"..... a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.


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Originally Posted by OldKook
Wow, very nice! I like the way Seismic springs look with Wes's art in the background. Hmmmm, may have to try Seismics next! Let us know how that thing rides when you get your first chance.

Seismics out perform every single truck I've tried.

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I thought this setup would be common, but it seems to have been overlooked...

Indy 169 - Dub Con Team Mix  edge to edge grip
Independent 169 - Bones Black (hard) front and rear
Indy Shock Pads, 3/8" hard risers
Dub Cons Team Mix - Black Panther 5, spacers
Jessup Grip

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BDS Long Pig(THANKS WES!!!!!!!)
Webb Mike Smith trucks(Khiro bushings)
Khiro Riser Pads(wedged up front)
Black Death Shogos
Rockin' Ron's Rockets
A fantastic set-up!!!
I normally take 3 or 4 decks with me when I'm testing a
new set-up, just in case I didn't nail it on the new set-up
I have something else to ride. Didn't need the others on
I rode the new Long Pig for 4 hours on Sunday.
I really enjoy the mellow concave of the Long Pig and the
Z-13.(I'd like to see a Bigfoot with a concave like that!) Very
easy to get used to.
The Long Pig skates like a deck with a shorter wheelbase.
It certainly does not feel like it has a nearly 21" wheelbase.
The combination of the Black Death Shogos and the Webbs
provide for a quick turning and stable ride.
I could definitely see putting the Long Pig to various uses
by changing the wheel/truck combinations. I bet it'd make
a great ditch bomber!!!(slap some soft DubCons on there and
VOILA!!!) And, with how "short" it rides, I could see riding it just
about anywhere except a tight pool. I'd even ride it at Baldy.
I have another deck that is the same length, that I've never been
able to set-up to my liking; love the shape and how it feels when
I'm standing on it...but I just haven't figured it out. The Long Pig
was "instant addiction"! LOL!!!
Chris Olden

In the rinse cycle.

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Chris - I had the same experience with my 36pig as you - what a great ride!  I have been on it exclusively for the last 2 weeks (though I always ride a longer board).  The mellow concave is my favorite - yes more decks from this mold, please!  I stand on my 38 Gashead with w-concave and it feels like there's a doughnut in my shoe (the feeling goes away quickly - I love the Gashead - don't get me wrong).

I'm curious, Chris - what 36" board do you have that you are not happy with set-up?  Not that I would begin to advise a setup - I just like 36" skates and am always interested in what is out there and you always seem to have the 'insiders' perspective on all things skate.

To All of you that have ridden the 36pig - is there another 36" skate out there with similar characteristics?

m a l o

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Initially I set up my Long Pig the way I like (love) my Z-13, Webbs and mini-dubs. It felt alright but just didn't "hook" around turns like the Z-13. We had a bit of warmer weather today so I did some experimenting. First up was a set of Tracker sixtracks and some soft pour Shogos. I like this combo on my Flores and had the Z-13 set up that way 'til I got turned on to the Webbs. The extra height made a difference but it still wasn't turny enough. I checked back here to see what others were running and then went scrounging through the stash to see what I had available. Just so happens I had a set of 155mm Seismics with low mileage. I tried 'em with the Shogos and some thin shock pads and knew I was getting somewhere. 3 turns on the front springs and 3.5 in the rear and it was handling pretty well. Then, I swapped the Shogos out for some 68mm 3dm Avalons just for giggles. Man are those wheels fast! Unfortunately, they were just big enough to rub the wheel wells and pitch me on my face in a hard carve. I put some 5/16 Tracker risers under the Seismics and found what I was looking for. It'll hook into a turn and stay hooked and, no matter how far I lean it, no wheel rub. The Seismics are a great compliment to this deck. It feels nimble and isn't so tall as to resemble a monster truck, even with the Avalons. I'm gonna try it at the local park tomorrow but I suspect the AvaLongPig is gonna be better suited to going fast than riding tight tranny steel ramps. Still, the Z-13 surprised me.


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