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Another Good Weekend come and gone. Great times, great to see you all. Tony, you still in Cali? Safe flight home to you my brother. Larry, always a pleasure, here's to you killing it at the Bi-Fecta coming up.

So please enjoy some snaps from the Sunday morn July 3rd Ojai sesh, followed by a little Ojai 4th of July Parade Action:

Straight up Terrorizer Shane Allen starts things off with a tailslide to revert in the deep?

Larry sweeping up the bowl for us, Gracias Larry. I'm sure the Skaterat would approve.

Local Ty Olson, bs D

Yeah TonyB, coping work in the mini and deepend work in the pit. good going Mate!

Loree wheeling it! You are killing that pool Loree, your lines are looking sweet!

Mrs Kook looking fine on the sidelines!

Shane Allen madness, deepend sailing and some looney alley-oop off the hip from shallow to deep?!? I dig the shadow of his hand in that first pic.

Someone said we should call fs Smiths, Larry's. Here, here, I second that motion and here's a sample of why:

And Larry blasting

I dig Ty's slob's, sweet style to 'em. I'm stoked this pic turned out clean.

Abby Zsarsnay, Young Bowl Slayer working on a Larry


Offroad Kook

they put in a cradle and Frank is the first to grind the cradle edge while looping it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flight of the Kook. I like this pic too.

photo by Christopher Zsarsnay, Abby's Dad

pic by Kyrie

Some of the cool folks involved with the Ojai Skatepark installed Abby's ramp on a trailer. Was pretty much the raddest float in the parade.  There was a Halen/Sabbath local cover band rolling in front of the skate float, it was perfect!

hey, who let the old Barney in?

OldKook Representing the Ojai Skatepark, BDS and Oldkook Laces in the parade!

Here's a cool one Kyrie snapped that has Abby, Frank, me, and Sunday.

Hot skatemom Sunday was rolling too. That was fun!

Went to the beach after that, it was cookin in Ojai. There were fun waves all weekend too, can't beat that, solid windswell almost acting like real winter groundswell.





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Capt. America getting all old school.

Later is Now
Happy Daze Crew
Save the Turf!!!

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RAD pics Cenen! Gotta love little ole Ojai.
And I'll 2nd the motion for the "Larry's"!


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Damn I am really mad I missed this session and Bonnie Luis for breakfast


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As usual, LOOKIN' FUN!

Tequila; Because no good story ever started with, "I was eating a salad......"

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Nice job Cenen & crew! 
The Edge... there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over. - Hunter S. Thompson

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Freaking Killer, Excellent Pics !!!
(cenen, you and jeff need to make a trip south and hit porto with me you fucks)
Was the ramp moving as you skated it ? That'd be sick...

Faster Pussy Cat Kill Kill

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Perfect way to spend the 4th


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Nice shots!! Bummed I missed it

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Yeah Rat, southswell coming soon, maybe's worth a jaunt south, Jeffe's never surfed south of Cstreet.

The float was moving slowly, like 5 miles an hour and those kids were doing doubles.




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GREAT way to follow up the GNAR of the BDS jam!!

I really really really enjoyed every single day I skated at the Ojai park!!
Amazing skaters, and amazing souls sharing the LOVE of life, people, and
Not to mention a PERFECT skatepark pool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THANKS for the pictures, and for the friendship Cenen, Loree, Frank, Kyrie,
Christopher, Abby, Shane, Tony B, Ty, BB, and all the other lovers of the magic
rolling toy that made me feel at home in my old home county !!

Hope to be back in Ojai sooner than later!!

Be careful with that thing,
it's extremely dangerous!!

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wow, what an awesome post
sick pics from top to bottom!
Larry Martin fookin' kicks ass too from the killer trick bag to the classic good looks
posting in the company of giants, what a great day

the older i get ..... shit i forgot what i was going to say

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Sick Cenen thanks for the pictures, you got some nice ones. Ojai is a nice little park, bowls great.

I had such a fun day, after the session, going with the OldKooks to meet Jeffe on the beach and watching him catch a few waves. He even got Frankie out there in a suit. I have a few shots but will wait to check them out when I get home. I couldn't quite believe what people turn up to the beach with.....everything and the kitchen sink, and then just hurl it down on to the beach from the highway. I would have loved to watch you surf Cenen they tell me you RIP!

Props to Loree for fighting through some really shit traffic coming back north from Ventura to meet us.

Thanks to everyone, because of you all, I've had a great time as usual.

   My Collection - http://www.flickr.com/photos/tonyb66/

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Great stuff guys!
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