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Randy, Mickey, & myself had the pleasure of skating with Steve this morning which turned out to be a great way to start the weekend off. 

We had a couple of the New Q's to play around on and Steve definitely put his through a thorough test.

Randy brought out the big boy for some more fun and was sporting a nuclear orange shirt that was freaking out my image import software so it looks a bit different in every shot.

Mickey took out my Q 11.75 which was exciting with some fresh BD Dubs that can be a bit slick until the grooves wear down and then he busted out his tried and true Q-10 for some action.

Another beautiful day at PdS for sure...

Great time all!

See ya soon


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Great looking pics and fun session, nothing quite like a little Friday slack?
Awesome looking Q11.75's

Life is not a worksheet

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Oh man, you guys are sooo killing it! 
There's no place like home!


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Awesome skating and pics guys! Always enjoy the shots of Holt!!

ssh...my common sense is tingling

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Great shots, decks, Holt rip's and Pigs do fly!

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i was starting to note that Steve ONLY rides on coping, like maybe he somehow transcends all other surfaces and rides exclusively on the coping .....

but i guess that's not the case .....

great pics T, mucho thanky!!

how many fsg does it take to get to the center of a 70's skater?
the world may never know

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WICKED!!  Nice by all!

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Thanks, T! We need to get the photographer back in front of the lens.

"If you get wheel bite, you're going too slow." --skaterat

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Excellent!!!  Great shots!

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Happy Daze Crew
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This shot kicks a$$  


Timing is everything !!!

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hard to find one that doesn't

man, killer snapography must be sooo easy
props to all you boys, eggselent schralpage on both sides of the lens!!

how many fsg does it take to get to the center of a 70's skater?
the world may never know

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Y'all are tearing that joint up!  Hellacious shots and skating!

Bill ....from way down in the south of Texas
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