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Randy, Mickey, & myself had the pleasure of skating with Steve this morning which turned out to be a great way to start the weekend off. 

We had a couple of the New Q's to play around on and Steve definitely put his through a thorough test.

Randy brought out the big boy for some more fun and was sporting a nuclear orange shirt that was freaking out my image import software so it looks a bit different in every shot.

Mickey took out my Q 11.75 which was exciting with some fresh BD Dubs that can be a bit slick until the grooves wear down and then he busted out his tried and true Q-10 for some action.

Another beautiful day at PdS for sure...

Great time all!

See ya soon



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Great looking pics and fun session, nothing quite like a little Friday slack?
Awesome looking Q11.75's

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Oh man, you guys are sooo killing it! 

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Awesome skating and pics guys! Always enjoy the shots of Holt!!


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Great shots, decks, Holt rip's and Pigs do fly!

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i was starting to note that Steve ONLY rides on coping, like maybe he somehow transcends all other surfaces and rides exclusively on the coping .....

but i guess that's not the case .....

great pics T, mucho thanky!!


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WICKED!!  Nice by all!


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Thanks, T! We need to get the photographer back in front of the lens.

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Excellent!!!  Great shots!


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This shot kicks a$$  



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hard to find one that doesn't

man, killer snapography must be sooo easy
props to all you boys, eggselent schralpage on both sides of the lens!!


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Y'all are tearing that joint up!  Hellacious shots and skating!

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