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Sorry if this thread is a repeat, but I thought it might be cool to see what the setups you started with back in the day went for. Maybe add when and where it was purchased and who got it for you. Mine was a light green polyprop banana board from Kmart that my visiting aunt, a nun at the time, bought for me after she heard me bugging my mom for a skateboard. She paid a whopping $8.00 in '76. It had single action trucks with one rectangular rubber block per truck for bushings. I loved it. It was relegated to a backup shortly after my Dad ordered me a Sims complete for $65.00 later that year, but that original one will always be special (the Sims as well, for that matter). Wish I still had either of them.


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mine was a Continental, blue fiberglass. ball bearing wheels. got it christmas, 75 or 76. it cost $35. a few months later, it was a Fiberflex, Bennetts and Road Rider 4's. that cost $70. Big Money, back then.

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I have no idea, I think I was about 5 when I got my first skateboard, I think it was a Black Knight, that would have been around 1972 or 73.
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one of my brothers friends left his board at our house because if he came back my Dad was gonna kick his ass for being a punk
i assimilated that sucker immediately, parts of it are still floating around in my bloodstream for sure

oak plank, chicago trucks ... clays turned to roller sport IV's the moment i finished mowing my last lawn

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My first was a freebe, Sims hand me down from my cousin in 78'. The first one that was payed for was a Nash Dog Cheese. It was 80 bucks, bought at a local toy store, there was no skate shops anywhere around where I grew up. I thought it was so cool cause I saw an add for it in Transworld, and there it was in front of me, and cheaper than the add.
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shoe skate nailed to board found in back yard.

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homemade from an old water ski (built in kicktail!), ACS trucks, and Quark wheels.  I painted Dogtown on it.  Still have that deck.

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1968 in Daytona Beach my dad got me a no name clay wheeled woody, squirlly fucker it was.

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Steel wheeled red plywood board that my parents bought for me around '63.

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Flat oak board with clay wheels, 1969 on Oahu.
My dad bought it, so it must have been cheap!

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Free, 2x4 w/roller skate cut to fit.

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Don't know.
It was a blue Grentech(plastic) with Xcalibur trucks and
some random wheels.(open bearings). It was 1975 after all.

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not sure   it was a  BLACK NIGHT skateboard with clay wheels


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Originally Posted by CO
Don't know.
It was a blue Grentech(plastic) with Xcalibur trucks and
some random wheels.(open bearings). It was 1975 after all.

I had a similar set-up and it lasted about a month.   

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i think my older brother had a nash goofy foot with clay wheels from a little five and dime store called Wackers(don't even start) so i borrowed that first

hardly any cement anywhere except sidewalks, schools, banks or rich people's driveways! i was like maybe 8 or 9 also think i got a cheap banana board with my grass cutting money that had better wheels and definitely more flexy(rode that one more)

then i was more into riding and modifying bikes making jumps and stuff and making them more dirt worthy -but did finally get my first real skateboard a peralta warptail II with mid or full tracks can't remember wheels(red) but definitely the best i had ever had(80 for the whole thing?)

 the peralta came from a skate shop in Dallas at valley view mall-it was a really big deal to get my mom to go to big d which was over an hour away from our little town, she helped me add to my grass cutting money to get it

 i remember my best friend got a doug salido pineapple -always liked his board!

made a board from mahogony with my Dad-he cut out my trace outline and i sanded and shaped it a little more(wish i still had it, but i think i broke it anyway)

later tho i'd end up getting my second "real" skateboard-
DT muir triplane(that was a beast stepping up from a warptail!)
was working fulltime in summer at Gibson's(pulling in the do re mi)i think that must of cost 120 for the whole set up in 79/80? started going to a skatepark in Garland-remembered they filled it in a couple of yrs later

wow, that brings back some old memories

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