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Yo! Well the addition of 2 nine week old kittens to our household Monday morning has kept me quite busy (they are hellions) but I finally got around to putting together a small movie of the last ditch sesh....Did not spend more than an hour or so on this so yea it's rough....




One of the funnest things about this ditch it it's length, you can carve it forever, check how you can 'tube' the avacado trees down mid-section...FUN FUN!


- 2nd




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Sweet, I dig the slo-mo, in unison run!

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Jeff, Nice video. Reminds of a ditch I used to skate in Sac we called the Organic Wave. It had two huge tree's that over hung the ditch and we cut out a hole in each to skate thru. Sweet memories.


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hey Mike,
Yeah...the old ditch down by Folsom Blvd.
That thing is ALWAYS wet now.
Too much development out in Rancho Cordova.
A shame.
The end of it down at the American River was fun as well.

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I like the laugh and the scream in fast mo. Very chipmunk-esque.


Looks like a fun place for sure. 


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Another nice video 2nd.  Thanks.


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Nice video. One day maybe, I'll get to skate something like that...
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