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Well had just an awesome time this weekend up at Miller's Ranch! We got a little bit of everything in on this one I think....Micky even made it down for Saturday and got in some slalom noice! The only thing that would have made it better is if some of my other Jungleland brothers would have made it....regardless I tried to carry on.....

Saturday Morning, Miller and Family, Dano and the downhill rats, Cat and myself hit Pismo for a few hours of fun.....

Stayed at the beach a few hours....then went to see Johnny's Art Show in town, which you can see HERE...then headed up past the ranch for some slalom action...still camera's just can't capture the speed of the runs but you get the idea.....

Miller was screamin!

Crazy Speed Kitty

Jay getting his in!

Micky climbed on one of the rigs and ran the cones! NOICE work Micky!

Can't they do something about this landscape out here? Talk about over crowding....

Next up some skate at the Ranch! 

Miller killing it!

Finally found the line to get upside down on the side wall:

Jay KILLING!! I think this is the best shot of gotten of Jay there....NICE WORK JAY!

Hotel California

Johnny samples from the flask of goodness:

The Osos fog creaping in late afternoon:

Nothing says Toyland like a big fire, food and some live tunes....a bit more of an intimate gathering than some of the events here but no shortage of fun...

Sunday morning....breakfast anyone?

had another small sesh Sunday morning and that concluded the weekend....Came home and immediately passed out for a couple hours I was so wiped out....Johnny thanks as always for all the hositality!! Micky thanks for making the drive down to skate and hang!  GREAT to see everyone!

and for all of you that didn't make it....Micky sends a greeting:

- Jeffe


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Damn straight!

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Looks like a great time. How were the waves at Pismo?

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Looks like a great time. How were the waves at Pismo?

For me they all look the same right now....too big.
- Jeffe

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Looks like fun!!!

Mickey, how did you like the "cones"?

A little slalom can be a blast!

The hill looked like it might have been fun just to run straight as well.

Nice going guys!

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Now that's what I call a weekend.

Don't be deceived by the hill, it might look mellow but I can bet they were hauling ass by the end of the cones.

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now that's a time to behold !!!!!!!  looks killer all !!!!!

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good going everyone.
and way to soot the cones!
jeffe the beach scene is too cool!

thriller called,
i had to bail.
getting down there again real soon.
peace. k

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TOo cOol!
sidewalk surfer

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How were the waves? Toyland looks like a blast...


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Jeez, you guys really have it tough. I don't know how you can stand it.

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