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THIS is part of the reason I'm the way I am today. I'm not "punk" anymore, but the attitude is hard to shake. It's also a big part of my skateboard memories from the early 80's..........The Sex Pistols!!! Listening to them now, I can really appreciate the actual quality of the tunes and not just the energy behind them. Amazing stuff. (Sorry for the copy and paste situation...why do my hyper links never work here? I never have problems on other boards? Is it an iMac problem here? sheesh.)

Part 1 (the roots)

Part 2

Part 3 (excellent clip of each musical part of the songs being recorded!)

Part 4 (Glen leaves)

Part 5 (Sid sucks. Steve Jones Rules.)

Part 6 (God Save The Queen)

Part 7 (the end)


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I'm still video link happy.  Might as well put 'em in here.

Rafael Candela playing in traffic.  This is awesome:

Sector 9 has such a wild team.  Check out 'Bomb Hills Not Countries' if you come across it.  Totally diverse vid.  Here's the trailer:


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Chaz Pineda is inhumanly good.  If I could ever get 2% of this kid's flow I'd be stoked.  Saw him destroy Glendale one night (he did frontside 5-0s around the pool coping of the entire clamshell in the snake).


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Great video part here:

That's just Sergio Yuppie's part.  The whole Gravity team is such a class act.  Great video (Flow).  Check it out sometime.


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Navarrette's part from Creature's Born Dead (Great vid, check out the whole thing if you come across it):


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It's a scooter:

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This doesn't have anything to do with skateboarding, but I thought it was damn funny.


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@ Oli - Some of those kids are sick...this one more or less has the dub backflip too.


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let us not forget..... The Doors........


"We don't have a trillion-dollar debt because we haven't taxed enough;
we have a trillion-dollar debt because we spend too much."
President Ronald Reagan

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There's much more to watch here in this YouTube thread.


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Originally Posted by Bulldog
let us not forget..... The Doors........


we here stoned immaculate............................never,
we will never forget The Doors.

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Thanks Wes , Indian Summer is one of my old time fav by the Doors,
Great song !

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ok..why do some people post you tube links and all they have is a url were others post youtube links and they have a picture link...how do you get the pic link to come post up?


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Turn off the html, and use/paste the embeded link

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