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Registered: 02/08/08
Posts: 2,497
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Nice set up!


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Registered: 02/01/04
Posts: 5,300
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so.........I'm riding a virgin and it feels so good.
independent 169's
black death dragons
Ron's rockets


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Registered: 04/13/07
Posts: 1,853
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NICE grip job!!

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Registered: 09/09/06
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Nice looking setup.
Just can't beat the Z, 'specially with Dragons.
And the bolt on that cool grip job looks great.


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Registered: 04/10/07
Posts: 2,837
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nice Keith !


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Registered: 05/06/08
Posts: 1,861
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My Chief setup - w/ Indy 215s, Skulls, RocknRon Missiles, Khiro ½" risers, and Crook Rails.  Top-side: BDS Grip.

It's my Ironing Board... Love this deck !!


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Registered: 02/14/07
Posts: 813
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Big Chief w/ Ace 66s, MG dragons w/ Flip 7's, 1/2" riser, crooks and tailbone. I redrilled the front so it now has an 18.75" w.b. This was my gift to myself when I got into nursing school.


Registered: 03/18/09
Posts: 73
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Nice rides.  I'm setting up my first BDS.  A yellow Chief (thanks Kronix!) Indie 169s and JuJu Dragons.  May need to get a softer wheel for rough crete but the JuJus should be good for the wood ramps.  Can't wait to take it out of a spin!   


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Registered: 05/06/05
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All right John!!  How did you do it?

Registered: 05/18/03
Posts: 6,337
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the original Z-13...still one of my favorites!
"Here piggy, piggy, piggy."

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Registered: 02/14/07
Posts: 813
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God that thing is sick, great job!!!!

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Registered: 04/09/06
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Looks great on black!

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Registered: 05/12/07
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Wedged Webb Smiths with Tracker inverted KP's, Yellow Tracker stimulators and Blue Khiro inserts, Black Death Dragons, Rons Ceramics.


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Registered: 09/11/06
Posts: 429
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Chief here...this is the one that started it all for me....Set up with Indy 169s with bones SOFT hardcore bushings..Mellow yellow Dubs w/ Rocin Rons..

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