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took the bulldog pig to sunnydale today and SHAZAM! that tuna boat rocked! by the end of the day i was within 3 inches of the top of the vert wall(a good FOOT higher than my previous best), and would have grinded it if the wind had been to my back.as well, the 100 duro dubcons were the shit. plenty of grip right up to that point of the stall before the turn, then just enough slide to keep from hanging.
with my angled risers i could turn as sharply as any of the popsickes but i had much more stability. i'm sold!


oooooh, not supposed to land like THAT!

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Richard, I told you at Ripon that when you got on your
BDS deck that you instantly skated better!!
Be at Ripon on Sunday a.m.(weather permitting of course)
chris olden

In the rinse cycle.

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That's the shit right there, man! BDS pig, white dubcons, loose trucks and a good park. Sunnyvale is a lot of fun. I'm an hour from there (if that) so let me know when you're gonna hit it again. I'm so down for Rippon this Sunday. My pig gave me a big old scar on my wrist, but love hurts and I'll always love that pig no matter what.

Power to the pig!


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"I will bleed for Bulldog."

And you did!

I cut my knee the first time I had my BDS LB out on the streets... just droppped one wheel into the grass, off the edge of the sidewalk... how lame! But it put a nice rip in my Levis, so now I have a true, old school look... except for being all Kooky, of course!


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very little actual blood but i have had,

1. pulled right hamstring

2. dislocated hip

3. most recently Feb. 13/14 twisted knee

that HOT!!!! nurse Carmen has asked me to stay off for another 2 to 3 weeks.

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Not yet ! not yet !

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Oh yes, had plenty of beef jerky on my leg whilst riding my BDS. Same thing - the lame falls (sidewalk cruising) have proved to be the most harmful.
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