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I do not know if there are any Long Island skaters on the forum but if there are I need some help.  The County is building a Skatepark @ Smith Point County Park which is on the east end of Long Island NY.  The budget is 250k and I have been trying to get some concrete built on Long Island.  The company that has been awarded the design contract is going with Spohn Ranch modular ramps.  This company along with skatewave have gotten more than their fair share of business in this area.  I need anyone who is within a reasonable distance  to come out to the meeting where they are going to ask for input on this skatepark.  If I can get a few skaters who are not 10 years old to voice their displeasure in the design and use fo modular ramps on asphalt than maybe we can sway them to use a concrete builder.  I had Site Design and dreamland and Breaking ground trying to get in on this park but the landscape design company went with Spohn Ranch 1 day after being awarded the contract.  I know this is a long shot but I am going to go down fighting because I live 10 miles from a Spohn Ranch piece of S*** that cost over 500k in Riverheadand that park is never used because it sucks.  I have to drive to Sayreville NJ to get to ride anything worthwile.  If you can make it the meeting is Wed June 8 @7pm at Dowling College  Shirley camous which is off William Floyd Parkway Exit 68 LIE.





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Try here too



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I can't make the meeting, but I'm with you. I grew up on LI and visit my Mom and sister there and would love to see a good 'crete park.


I can relate. In my town in Connecticut, they spent big bucks on a modular park with Woodward ramps. They "thought" they had an advantage by being able to rearrange the park to keep it fresh, but found out they couldn't because the ramps dug into the asphalt and If the move the ramps. there would be ruts and holes. Now it's a permanent modular park.


Check this article in concrete wave:



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building anything in LI , esp far out east is a political nightmare

they NIX every idea for fun and would rather build retirement communitys or over priced housing -

 they killed my dragstrip last year too


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Bonehead ;

for 50k you can have a nice kidney bowl . 9½ in the deep end and 5 in the shallow.


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That would be great.  I am trying to get something built that we would like to go to and ride.  I know I am fighting an uphill battle but I have gotten the word out  on a few boards and I am hoping that people show up and demand some good terrain instead of the crap that Spohn Ranch puts out.  I am sick and tired of reading how everyone else is getting these killer parks in some remote areas and Long Island skaters are stuck with this modular crap being put up.  There is a meeting this wed. for community input on this park and I plan on going will all the info I have and try to get some concrete built.  I will let you know how it goes. 


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 Dude, I skate and I like Long Island Ice Teas. Does that count ???

Roger "Doc".


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That might be a stretch!  But I skate and I was there a week and a half ago!  Does that count? 



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