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Picked up pair of 80's gullwings today & was cleaning them up with wd40 on the axles as they had a bit of rust & dried up oil on them.
I plan to skate them so as I was setting them up i placed the board on its side to install the bearings into the wheels as I went to press the bearing in the opposite side of the axle facing the work bench hit & slightly pushed the axle up about half inch thru the hanger, I tapped it back in its OG spot with a mallet & proceed to tighten up both wheels after I placed them on the trucks.
So I was thinking since they are 30 years old & I sprayed wd40 on the axles maybe it got inbetween the axle & hanger enough to loosen the axles grip on the hanger , what ever the case has anyone had experience with axles that have moved within there hanger ? I don't see a problem with it since the nuts on both ends tightened up should hold the axle in place!

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It happens on quite a few trucks. Even everything up, use bearing spacers so you can tighten the axle nuts correctly and you should be good.
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I was going to not put spacers in but now that you mentioned it I will , thx Tony.

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Independent guarantees their trucks for things like axle slippage. Have a set going back to them right now.
I'd be concerned that any hit to the axle nut might jam that wheel, and as Tony says, always use spacers!
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