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BDS has invested significant advertising $$ in this site. We appreciate all your support. Buy Sell and Trade was designed as a tool for our customers to do business with each other, as friends. Period. It is not a commercial site for you to launch/hype/sell products for other companies or custom board makers.

Don't be surprised if you get some bashing for your first post if it's about selling something. 
I know you're just asking for pricing and such, but the next obvious step would be a sale.
The forum etiquette here is to introduce yourself first.  Get to know a few folks, and let us all get to know you a little.

Then start talking about the board you have for sale.

Etiquette should go both ways....seller as well as for buyers...

New members will NOT be allowed to make new posts in the BST section until they have been here for a minimum of 30 days and made a minumum of 4 posts. New members are however allowed to respond to threads in the BST section.

Thank you

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