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Well it turned out to be quite a weekend! An empty park, great weather, great skating and some tragedy all thrown into the mix.....So, the LosOsos park (land of 'da Bears) opens to the public at 10:00 AM on weekends. However, the city will rent you the park from 8:00 to 10:00 (for dirt cheap)...



What we wanted it for was the flow area....You can skate the Kidney anytime of the day (as it's usually near empty) but that flow area is killer and it is usually the area filled up with groms or just too many other skaters....we wanted that to ourselves!! So, we rented the park for both Sat and Sun morning and got all we could out of it....It was a blast!


Frank, who spearheaded this weekend was just killing the entire park! You could not stop him, rolling in and out of every area the flow area offers and hitting all the pockets!



but alas, the concrete was angry this day and took it out on our fearless leader....leaving him with a broken collarbone:


in pain but still smiling for the camera....most of us saw him go down and man did he hit the crete HARD! The next morning the news reported seizmic activity registering 4.0 centered in Los Osos at 9:30 am Sat morning....Frank get better quick bro!!!! We need ya back out there with us!!!


Colin was going layback crazy on the big banked wall (SOOOOO much fun!):





This got the kids (Colin's son Joey and friend Doug) into trying the berts, and pulling them clean!! Nice work Doug and Joey!



Joey then setup his launchpad:




Lance made it out to kill the flow area!!! Great to see ya Lance!



Jimbo getting his grinds on his new BDS!



Whitey made it up with McKeegan and got right into the Bert flow!



and nobody had ever seen McKeegan attempt a bert, but there he goes!


he then proceeded to put some hurt on the coping:




I got inspipred by the new shirt Rockin Ron surprised me with last week.....I had to cut the sleeves off but Im sure he expected that...thanks Ron!!


and then I did some stuff:





will this hotel room survive the night?


prolly not.......and we went back the next morning and did the same (or tried to....we blew off some steam the night before fer sure)....


Frank thanks again for setting that all up!!! Heal fast man!!!


- 2nd



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Frank, hope you get better soon.


Nice shots Bro's that must have been fun having the park to yourselves. Looks like a fun park to. I'll put on on my list for next time I'm out there.

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Frank, get well soon, you guys are freakin killing it, I always look forward to your pic's

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I like those little nuggets setting on that table, oh yeah nice shoots.

Frank get well soon man, sorry to hear about that, but those damn colar bones can break in under less the than 10lbs. of pressure.


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Except for Frankies mishap it was an awesome weekend. Really great to get together with the crew. That flow area is unreal when empty. Thanks for the coverage Jeffe. Heal up Frankie, the sessions won't be the same without you bro.

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Nice skating, nice pics, and I love the story line

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Looks like another killer weekend guys!


Heal up quick Frank.As it happens, I'm heading to the ortho right now to see about getting mine put back together after a crash last night. Yeah Percoset! 


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Frank et al:

What a brilliant idea of renting the park. It looks like you guys put that opportunity to most excellent use.

Sorry to hear about Frank's collarbone. Heal fast!

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You guys rip, as always.


Frank, sorry to hear about your slam.  I think collar bones heal fairly quickly (?), so you should be back soon.  Hopefully, no shoulder separation??

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Frank, sorry to hear about the collar bone. I broke both of mine. A little uncomfortable the first week then not so bad. You can be back skating in 2 if you want. I think the docs recomend a month though. Heal quick!

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You Oldkook, Frank get better fast, broke mine 2 times 2nd time 8 small pieces of break. Great skating guys rad all around.

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Looks like another awesome sesh, barring the injury to Frank.


Heal fast Frank and good vibes to you!

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sic pics. love the "rent the park" deal.  If i can only get a park like that near me.

heal up fast Frank, aint nuthin but a thing.


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Ouch, that sucks Frank.. Heal up quick bro!!!!!!!

Killer pics Jeffe!!



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