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They where called phazers. The theory was that the dimples allowed air under the board providing lift helping you go faster. I rode one in some decent waves and it went OK. I rode it in choppy conditions and it was not OK.


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How's the new board?

In the rinse cycle.

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I'm so sorry about your friend Brad. I didn't know him, but I read about him. It's that kind of horrific story we too often hear...HS football star, honor student, and giving back as the football coach. He really sounded like an amazing guy. Everyone at Santa Margarita High must be aching. I just heard from Michael. I'm sure you'll see him at the funeral today. I'm going to hook up with him after the service in Malibu for some coffee and tears. He said that Milton, even with a broken neck, is making some progress. I think he's still on a vent in surgical ICU, but Michael is optimistic about him coming back. I'll know more later. Be strong.

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Sorry it took a while to get back. Thanks for the big Aloha 'Slowave 7 ' and  Klunkerbill! I talked to Michael tonight and told him he should check this thread out with all  the amazing people here. Bill, it looks like we are going to meet in the near future! I hear you play a mean guitar. When drum sticks fall into my hands i become a drummer, lol . So everyone hopes to come up and visit when the time arrives. I will be in Del Mar next week, and will visit Milton ( i hope) . Milton and Michael shaped me a sweet new board that i picked up and rode for the first time last week.....rides like a dream. Thanks again for expressing your thoughts and support.


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Hey Gregg,
I never heard back from Michael, but I can only imagine that his plate is really full right now. If (when) you talk to him, please tell him the Savage clan sends their love. As M and M know, I'm a total kook, but it was a real honor to get in the water with them. Nice to hear about the sweet board. Somewhere I've got a shot of them in their old shaping shack on the North Shore. If I can find it I'll post. It's a good thing they are both such incredibly strong guys, spiritually and emotionally. They've spent a great part of their lives being inspirational to others. If anyone can get through this, they can. I'm sure Milton could use some support from old friends. If he's is doing well enough for you to visit him, that's a really good sign. Ride on.

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