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All my friends sk8 Bones all say how great they are. I only have two sets JUJU`s left so I thought it time to give da Bones a try. 62mm SPFs. Arghh...they sucked! [tounge2]

Used them for about 4 months and never felt right anywhere. What a waste of sk8 time. Wood, concrete, skatelite. Mediocre at best. Yesterday I gave them a final go at a fave bowl in Toronto Canada. One run and fuck that. Switched back to juju`s and it`s like I got my charge back. [love]No comparison at all! Both wheels had Rockin`Ron`s in them. I think thats the only reason the Bones were even half-good. 

Anyone else have similar experiences? Have two sets of Juju`s left. I`m kinda scared a once those wear out. Any alternatives that even compare? I`ve only sk8ed BDS wheels for the last 8-10 yrs.

thanks in advance BDS peeps!


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Rainskates Black Rain wheels are made at AEND from the same formula as used in the Black Death wheels.
Their advert says they are made from the Legendary Morte Noir formula, they've even got the same Red core.

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Reports from my friends who have skated the Black Rain wheels say they aren't quite as good as the BDS Black Death wheels, similar/close maybe but not quite the same.

Timgjj - still plenty of JuJu's around. Don't know how hard you are on your wheels but I wouldn't worry if JuJu's are your favourite. If they work for you and your comfortable skating them carry on. It's ok to try other stuff we all get that itch from time to time.

I've never bothered to try SPF’s although a lot of people skate them. They do cover a lot of sizes mostly smaller than BDS wheels so they are popular with more of today's skaters. Doesn't necessarily make them better.

BDS wheels tend to be bigger and wider than modern wheels and offer more grip as a consequence, that's why we like them.

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I have compared 60mm Black Rain to 60mm BDS Black Death and the Black Death are definitely faster.  The Black Rain have grooves, while the BDS wheels do not.  Every time I have tried out new wheels with grooves, they have felt slow compared to wheels without grooves, even Black Death wheels (BD Dubcons and Skull Waves had grooves).  So, I'm curious if the Black Rain wheels will be faster once the grooves are worn off.  With as slowly as the BD formula wears, though, it could be a while before I get the grooves worn off and can make another comparison.

I have heard Speed Lab and Seismic Booster wheels are fast.  You may want to check those out in addition to the Black Rain wheels.    

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