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any tips? im going for oak on this but i dont know whether to make it skinnier or fatter *id love to make it fatter but not quite sure what would be the better idea* but more than anything im worried about fucking truck placement and the kick tail measurements...help?

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Wish I could help ya. Catfish just shaped his first board, maybe he's got some tips. Good luck.


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the trucks were a bitch to drill...i'd make it thicker than what you'd normally see a deck as....i did 3/8" this way you dont need to worry too much about it snapping in the middle...little more room for error i suppose...oak's a good wood...stick w/ the hardwoods...as far as drilling the trucks, put them on the board where you want them to be, draw a small hash mark next to the bolt holes, then draw a line straight across the width of the deck for each of the hash marks...i have six per truck, that way i can mount both old and new school style bolt patterns...then draw a center line, and kinda line it up from there
Back on the board.

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I have made a couple boards, nothing special, just short little boards. The best thing to do to get your sides perfectly even is take a unch of pieces of paper and tape them together. so it can be as long as you want. then folt it in half the long way, (hot dog way to be like elementary school) Then you can draw the shape you want with the crease being the center of the board.
|    /  |     
|  | 
|  /    |       alright this is a really lousy picture, but the line to the right  
| |           resembles the crease and the lines to the left resemble the
| |     |      board shape. then you just cut along the board shape, unfold
| |            and you have a perfectly symmetrical board.
| |     |       
|  \             I put some stain on mine too. If you go to the Home Depot
|  |   |        the have a bunch of colors they can mix for you that look really
|   \            great. Then just trow on some poly urethane and youre all set.
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