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Amazing pieces of Car Paint Art!!!

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Latest update: 
Name/DescriptionRelease DateMoldColorsNumber
The GamblerSeptember 1, 2006BFIILight green, yellow, black, red, and silver27
3 Skulls Murf (CP2)October 10, 2008BFIISparkle highlights in silver, dark blue, red/blue fade, yellow, and RW&B.20
The Eagle (CP3)February 26, 2009BFISparkle highlights in black, red, blue/red fade, black/red fade, and blue/black fade.30
Double Skulls with Feathers (CP4)August 21, 2009BFIBlue swirl, pink swirl , black, red swirl, yellow, and purple w/metallic flakes25
Gas Mask (CP5)August 30, 2010Z13Black, red, orange, and green23
TigerDecember 27, 2010Z13Black, red, rasta, RW&B20
Dead AngelFebruary 7, 2011Z13Rasta, RW&B, black, red, black/red fade, and blue/black fade17
Double CobrasJanuary 31, 2016BFIIPink, turquoise, orange30/10 of ea color
Original Beamer GraphicApril 15, 2016BFIIPink, turquoise, orange30/10 of ea color
Saber Tooth II GraphicApril 7, 2017BFIIPink, turquoise, orange12/4 of ea color
Santa Monica Cross  II GraphicApril 14, 2017BFIIPink, turquoise, orange10 boards 

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Got the first series Turquoise..... Double Cobra.....
Now 25+ of Turquoise out in the field....
Same size deck BFII
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