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Originally Posted by WaveMagnet

Originally Posted by Courmayeur78
I would like to set up a giant slalom skateboard, any suggestion as for deck, trucker, wheel, bearings?


You can get all techy, but if you don't have the flow it's not gonna matter




BTW all your suggestions are right on

I think it's more the way they explode and do flips in the air. You just can't get that same "flip" when shooting tomato paste cans. Same explosion but...no flip.

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I though about cutting down a BDS board...the concave is perfect...but unless you're riding hills, it wont have enough flex to really pump much ....you should have a little flex in the board, especially if youre new at this....the truck advice is dead on....Tracker RTX/S 106 mm, Indy 101's or Bennetts....go narrow...try to keep at least your front wheels UNDER the rails...wedge the shit out of the front...dewedge the rear....

No matter what trucks you get, scrap the bushings (not sure about Bennetts) and put in Khiros or Tracker 'Balls


For wheels, go with ZigZags or 3DM Avalons....or Manx if you can get them...there are others too.....Go with either 80a all around, or 85a for the front and 80a rear...


Rons bearings are fine for parks, and may be ok for slalom, but most slalom boards out there have Ousts, bones swiss, Ninjas ......or pleasure tools if you're watching the budget...  


Orrr.....just go to Sk8kings.com and have Richy build you a board that will work great right out of the box...


just a thought 



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Originally Posted by DomdeMars
I tried the Eurofighter prototype in Antibes. it was 2 years ago during the slalom world cup. It was the board of Martin DRAYTON, a red one. That board was fantastic for me. What a change. That week end of 2004 I was racing my Fullnose for the last time.
Now I use a Pocket Pistol.

I would like to buy to Chris Church one of his Eurofighter but those boards are so expensive :-(


I now have that red board. It was gripped upside down with the wheel cutouts filled in with foam when Martin was riding it. I now have it the right way up with the rolled over edge on top. I agree a eurofighter would be great but they are too short for me.
The other green board here is another turner i have been putting together with advice from Bara and other Turner riders. And then a Santa cruz with Road Rider Hesters ,&Gullwings .



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if you're interested, i've got the first production Eurofighter...signed and numbered 001 by Steve Church.....but i'm thinking of getting a new Turner so would consider selling the Euro if you're interested in one....its a medium stiff yellow one with a large camber and a chicken foam concave

Welcome to the site Tim!.....hows it goin' down there?

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Welcome to BDS. Nice family of slalom boards.

I have never seen an offset mounted with the offset towards the back. How does the work? Chris, any comment? Very interesting, I'll have to give it a try.



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Dont try it unless it's a Radikal, brah...
It's designed to go that way..Remember, Rads have reverse kingpins so the geometry is very different...that's not so much an offset, as it is a truck with trailing arms.....people either love them or hate them. They take a little getting used to because they offer nearly as much traction as a regular offset, but they're way more "alive"...they're great for tight stuff...Guys like Jason Mitchell make them work great on the GS too, but that's Jason......But they're definitely worth the pennies (new they're about 250.00 USD)...
If you want one, keep an eye on NCDSA....with new trucks coming from Pavel and Chaput, there are going to be some people unloading Rads for the new stuff...It's slalom...It's like the "flavor of the month" crowd....and since they're rarely beaten on, the used ones will be in nice shape....you may be able to pick one up for 150-175.00
Not cheap....but shit...when a good race ready slalom complete sets you back about 550.00-700.00, it's not too bad..........i guess  

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Oldskool , the first time i mounted those trucks i put them on the wrong way around! Nearly went A over T in my kitchen!. I find I still need to de-wedge the rear a little as they can be a little too alive in the rear for me. As you say great for tight but on the looser 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 foot cone spacing we run the rear turns too much ...for me .
Great to see some nice slalom decks on here.
How about some more Iks!!

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Here's one you don't see very often...Archeryflex, with 1st Gen Tracker Fulls and Mag wheels.








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You Guys have some Killer slalom setups!!!

dig on that Archeryflex!!!


just set these up



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Nice collections and pics everyone.
Regripped one of these the other day (came with the fourstriped grip similar to the yellow and blue turners in tonyhallams pic)
it's shape is similar to the turner summerski's but it says sims under it.
ANY info on this board would be awesome! history? why? what? where? how? and who?


Live fast, Die young? Fuck that.
Live fast, NEVER die!

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My little contribution to this thread


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Here is what I have left in my slalom collection.
The Yellow one is a Fbreflex/Ick Stick combo used by Attila Atzodi during the 2003 season.  It has Tracker Race Trak X's.  The rear being off-set. Both have the green Stimulator bushings The wheels are Manx, softer duro in rear, done by Chicken Deck.  Swiss 6 bearings. 
This is a tight slalom deck, and it stills see's occasional action.

The next one is a Comet giant slalom deck.  It has a very nice concave throughout and I would recommend it for any GS action.  It also features Tracker Race Trak X's with the rear being off-set.  It also has green Stilulator bushings front and rear.  The wheels are are 3DM's and again, a softer duro at the rear.  Swiss 6 bearings here as well.
It also see's occasional action.

Number 3 is an original Fibreflex cut away, signed by Henry Hester.

Number 4 is a standard Fibreflex early 3 hole unit with a repro sticker on the top.

The 5th is one of 2 GS prototypes desiged by Atilla Atzodi in 2003.  This particular unit never went into production.  It is signed/dated as a prototype by Attila.

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I like to share this Skateboards, cause they give this Year so much fun!
On the left there is a modern Swiss Airflow Downhill just to reacon the Size of the others.
In the mittle I have the G&S fibrefles "Leemo" what is a truly amazing experience to ride! It is so fast you can´t belive!
I got some Benett Vectors and ABEC11 Gumballs on it.
It is not only for Giant Slalom because of its Size, but even tight slalom. The secret is its speed. In the beginning I used to have the Trucks loose, but I discover that I can use its Flex much more with harder Truks. It is wriley alive, when you feel how the Deck makes the curve and not mainly the Truks! As faster you go, as mor is it working! During the cones everybody can see that it gets faster and faster!
The crowd stopps and looks amazed! Like in the good old Times...
By the way, I dont see this Deck somewhere else, it is probalbly from 2004...

And on the right hand site there is that common Santa Cruz, what is also sacred.
I have some Gullwings HP2 and Seismic 69 on it. How differend can Skatebords be!
It is also fast, of course you can´t go that speed, but it is a true surprise to pump on that little beauty.
It has so much flex, the first time I stand on it I thought it would break tru...
My 13-year Son loves it to show his friends how to pump on it, those Kids didn´t see something like this even in Magazines!
Ever one of our many Skateboard Dealers ever seen something like that... FUN!


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Nice quiver Peter. You should try to get someone to take a video of you riding the G&S. It would be fun for you to see and you could put it on YouTube and share it with us.

"Yeah, keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel...."

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love the display and especially that early Santa Cruz. 1975-76-ish!!

OH I got 2 sets of Minty Avon Purple-ish Wheels. Both decks spent
30yrs across the pond till got em back to America. Match the purple logos
on a Santa Cruz deck and a Bulldog Design Deck!

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