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A quick strike to skate the Combi and surf Huntington- early report is should be chest to head high.
Will skate next Weds morning and evening, and Thurs morning after a dawn patrol surf. Fly back to Denver Thurs afternoon.
Anyone in? Watch last week's Pool Party and get stoked!

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Mate, wrong side of the world else you could count me in. Skate and surf in the same day sounds idyllic. Not sure I have the energy these days for both. Enjoy!
"He is no fool, who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose"

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The only bummer will be wearing a wetsuit- will be the first time for 10 years.
Since I have to take a plane to surf, I always go to baggies/tropical wax spots- was in Panama 3 weeks ago.
Gotta get more Combi just in case Cab was correct and it closes in November.
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