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Round trip to LAX for $110- have to do it.
Will start Fri AM at the Combi, then outdoor Vans, eventually the Cove and Venice either Fri or Sunday. Saturday plan to skate in the Encinitas area- the YMCA, Poods, Alga Norte and Vista.
If anyone is in the area would be stoked to skate-

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Hurtin bad but a great trip with 5 bros-
Here's a review if anyone is interested-
Would only return to the Combi and Alga Norte-others once and done.

Combi: like Pipeline, the gold standard. Intimidating at first, fast, smooth and grippy, great transition to 2' of vert. Words can't describe the feeling. If you have the stones, go there. My 4th time, more stoked than ever. 
Vans HB: slick with no waterfall, so a lot of work to keep the speed up.
Poods/Encinitas: Slick, dominated by teenage girls who rip. Except for the terrible music that teenage girls listen to, was a fun session.
Alga Norte: awesome bowl. Hella fun.
Vista: waste of good concrete. Worst bowl design I've ever skated. 
Alex Rd: small clover, coping is destroyed. Only stayed for a while because of the hot MILF with her kids who skated as well as anyone at the park.
Venice: apparently Jesse is back to cleaning. Need to go once.
The Cove: fun, tight bowl. Skated with a ripping Bennett Harada, who killed it.

Was interesting that Vans HB, Poods and Vista had a reflective sheen which made them very slick- took 2 bad falls onto my left hip which slowed me down. I had 2 sets of 104s which were not the best option. Was disappointed that my new Powerflex 5s were great at the Combi, but terrible on the slick surfaces. Felt more grip with the Rain Skates black death formula. Will take several different wheels next trip.   

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