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Anybody catch the ESPN show on Danny Way's Wall Jump..It was cool to watch. he took like 5 attempts to get three records. What blew me away besides the 360 over the wall,  was Danny was moving something like 55 MPH and the event cost 1.5 million dollars to set-up...Thats 300,000 dollars an attempt...crazy huh

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I caught it in the middle. That whole deal was extreme at all levels. The location (The Great wall is over 2000 years old!), the jump, the speed, the fact he was injured BEFORE he attempted, and the cost. Mind Boggling...

"Ability is what you're capable of doing, Motivation determines what you do, and Attitude determines how well you do it."

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Danny Way is to skateboards
Evel Knievel is to motorcycles.
not talking crap about Danny Way or Mr.Knievel;
what D.Way is doing just doesn't make me go "WOW!"
It's amazing...but not impressive.

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Danny Way is f*cking amazing. He is style, flow, and balls out skateboarding. To fully apprecitate the guy I think you'll have to watch the latest DC video and pay close attention to the fact that danny is no Evil Knievil. The guy does what he does quietly and more for himself. Sure, the sh*t he does is over the top big production and it costs a lot, but that's the price it takes to have fun at his level. He's way beyond anyone on a skateboard and we should all accept it and be stoked for him. Very impressive!! For sure. If you're not impressed by the guy, it's okay cause I'm sure he's doing fine without our approval.

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if you think the China thing was rad, git yurself a copy of 'The DC Video'

Danny's Mega Ramp segment blows away that China crap.

Only further proof that it's better when it's made in America.

...and if you got some speed and I can't sell it to a biker, I'll shoot that too...
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