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Originally Posted by 70sSkater
Hello from Milwaukee. 

I spent some time in south Florida as a kid and skated most of the 70s parks down there - Skateboard Safari, Skateboard Haven and Solid Surf. 


Solid Surf was my "home park"..or as close as one as I ever had..... getting parents to drive us up there from Miami on their days off was difficult. After I got my own car I got up there a bit more often, but by then I had more important matters to worry about (like partying and getting laid). I skated Solid Surf after the first upgrade  but before the second and third ones.  It was cool to see REAL pro skaters- like most of the Powell team at the time, and Senatore and everyone else fromTurningpoint.


What was the name of the park that was right next to I95...on Sheridan road, maybe?

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I think that was Skateboard Haven?  It was just a big square reservoir type thing with some obstacles in the middle.  Sample Rd. maybe?

Or, are you talking about Skateboard Safari off Southern Blvd. by the airport in West Palm Beach?  That was just off the highway, but I don't think it was visible from the highway.

Solid Surf was on Commercial Blvd, right?

Gnarliest park was Cadillac Wheels Skateboard Concours on Federal 1 in Pompano.

Check out pics in the "Where did you skate in the 70s and 80s?" thread in the Bulldog Skates section.

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Oh my, it’s been a long time since I posted. I know some have you emailed me and I apologize for not responding but I have a good excuse.
See, I fell head first from the 14’ ramp at Piccolo; broke three ribs, punctured a lung and spent some time in a coma-resulting in memory loss. It wasn’t until recently that I remembered this site.
I still skate, but not as aggressively and most of what I do now is on ice skates.
Recently I went thru my posts and I can’t believe I forgot about the pictures...oh holy orangatang nipples! How the fuck did I forget about those?
I guess that’s one good thing about amnesia, you get to experience things all over again for the first time. Rock on and skate hard...
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