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What a weekend, Holy Crap, we are still feeling the stoke a week later. The Art show Friday night was great. Tons of legends gathered at the park Pro Shop meeting up again, many for the first time in many years, BSing and checking out all the classic photos hung from King James and lots of pool ripping happening, so F-ing Cool ! I'm sure you've all seen footage of Saturdays Jam and the Vert Demo, unbelievable energy, unbelievable day, Whoa !!! Saturday nights Legends Dinner was really cool too. Beautiful restaurant, great food and great company. Rhonda and I sat with Brad Bowman and Arthur Viecco at our table, sooo much fun ! Johnny Rad and the Eggplants were great and the cake was off the hook. Sunday morning we went to Eddies "The Rock" Church for a really cool service where Dennis Martinez, Steve Cab and Christian Hosoi gave their testimonials along with Eddie, was really a nice service and all those guys were really fun as well as funny to listen to. The Jam Sunday afternoon was even a little more special it felt than Saturdays. All in all, could not have been a better event. Rhonda and I drove all the way back to the central coast Sunday evening with huge smiles, hard to describe how cool it was. 

 Anyways I took some photos but limited. The pool deck was so jammed with photographers once we got situated we didn't move around for fear of loosing great spots. So my shots are limited to a few skaters whose line led them in front of us. Mostly Variflex' Eric Grisham (who destroyed) and Powell's Scott Foss who skated super good and smooth.

San Diego's own and our good friend, One Wheeler Champion from the Spring Valley Contest, Doug Marker with Rhonda and I.

Scott Foss

Eric Grisham

Christian Hosoi has was injured but still carved up smooth stylee lines.


Micke Alba was the work horse of the day, non-stop ripping for hours. Distant shot but you can see him up on the table extension, far side of the pool...

Scott Foss


Tony Hawk

Mike McGill

Grisham's Egg Plants were so sick !


Scott Foss

A good look at Grisham's Egg Plant.

Cabs RocknRoll Slides were Awesome !!!

Yep, two very happy people....

OG Dogtowner Marty Grimes with Rhonda and I.

Rhonda with Kevin Staab

Rhonda and Tony Magnuson

Rhonda with Jim Muir

Rhonda and Lance

Rhonda and Brad Bowman

Rhonda and Olson

Me and my old bro Micke

Rhonda and Mike McGill

Rhonda with Christian and Eddie in back...

Needless to say Rhonda is pretty stoked to have all these cool pics with these legendary skaters, Very Cool !

And here's our Legends Commemorative Decks we got with our VIP passes, we each also have cool El Gato Classic Media Badges to hang from the decks as well.

Still Buzzing, Still Stoked !!!

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[love] great pics! [love] 
[rolleyes] breaking is a memory! [rolleyes]

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Nice momentos. 

Later is Now
Happy Daze Crew
Save the Turf!!!

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WOW!!!  Looks like a total blast was had!!!
Awesome on you guys!
And SO  very cool that you found a lady that enjoys the lifestyle!
Right on Colin! and Rhonda!

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Great Shots !!


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So cool! What a way to spend a weekend!!!

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Image result for beautiful shaped boobs gif

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contagious too, now i'm buzzing!!!

life really is good, the proof is in the pics, thanks for taking us along!

the older i get ..... shit i forgot what i was going to say

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So rad that your girl is into skateboarding just as much as you. Sick photos looks like a good time!

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Great shots Colin. I can see what you mean about the photographers on deck, that really does look like a photo shooting competition .

Really cool that you got to hang with all those famous faces.

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So good and a sick bowl.

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Contact high...the weather cooperated...great stuff as usual corn-holio!
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Some videos I shot that weekend.


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Just saw these videos! Thanks 90291 and thanks Colin for the photos![smile]
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