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I'm over eBay. Never buying or selling there again. Listed some re-production stickers for a whole $7. A loser buys a set. So I send them off. A week later "I didn't get my stickers". Funny cause USPS shows you did. But I send another set. Who cares, it's $7. Then he gets the second set and he leaves positive feedback. Then 1 day later he says, "Well, these took to long, I want a refund". I said my auction was clear, no refunds. He files a complaint with eGay. Then he closes his complaint. eBay sends me a message, "Thanks for resolving the issue" I'm like WTF. Then 2 days later at 1 am he files another complaint with eGay. I get a message from eGay at 3 am, "We've sided with the buyer". Fuck Ebay. Never again. All this over $7.

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Yeah, eBay isn't in business for the sellers even though they rake them over the coals with fees. If you sell there you are at the mercy of the buyer. I had a buyer receive an item and launch a bogus claim saying the item wasn't as described. Even though I stated no refunds in the listing, I said send it back for a refund to avoid the negative feedback threat. Meanwhile eBay already has raided my account and returned the full purchase price including shipping to the buyer. The guy sends back an empty box and eBay still sides with the buyer even after sending photos of the empty returned package. EBay's slogan should be "seller beware."
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Yea, eBay has made it damn near an unacceptable place to sell stuff.  Buyers seldom get screwed, but sellers are at risk.  I bought something from a seller.  Received it quickly, it was not as described, it was not as pictured.  I didn't file a complaint, but rather contacted the seller and told him that although the item would work, it wasn't the item he said he was selling.  It wasn't anything expensive (< $25), he offered to give me like a $5 refund and I agreed.  So I told him I was just going to leave neutral, not negative feedback.  He said, "fine, appreciate that".  My feedback was honest and didn't beat the shit out of the seller, something like, "Item not as described, seller apologetic, acceptable resolution."  The resolution was I kept the item and didn't make a big deal out of it and took a small partial refund.  

Fast forward 2 months or so.  I have a few items up for sell with Buy It Nows.  The seller from above, goes in under a different username, does two Buy It Nows, and posts up feedback immediately, "FRAUDULENT LYING SCAMMER.  DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER! FAKE ITEMS".  
Uh, these were two BDS decks I was unable to move here, so reluctantly posted FS there.  eBay investigates, leaves his feedback up there while doing so, then determines it's the same guy with multiple IDs and finally removes the feedback.  There was an issue relating to seller fees that they took a few weeks further to resolve.  [frown]

I've sold a few things since then, but always hate doing so.  There are some buyers who know how it works and are just looking to get stuff for free.  In other words, steal it.  And their (eBay's) policies basically allow it, without explicitly encouraging it.

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