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This is the place for all your pictures relating to the Fallen Unsung Heroes Memorial Board Tour a/k/a F.U. Heroes a/k/a Traveling Chief.  The tour is to honor the memories of our fallen friends, Mike Morrison ("Mo"), Paul Halliburton ("Zenklee") and Pat Maphis ("SkateFink") and to raise money to fight the disease that took the lives of Mo and Zenklee, as well as the lives of many of our loved ones.  You can post skating pictures, pictures of the board at local landmarks you choose, pictures of things that have would have significance to our fallen friends (with or without the board) and pictures of our fellow members enjoying good company in honor of our friends.  You are also welcome to relate any thoughts or stories about our fallen friends.

Before we kick this off with some skating pictures, here's a picture of the board in its state before the tour.  Something tells me it's going to look a lot different at the end.


May 31, 2014 at Brookfield, Wisconsin.

I hadn't skated in a year due to health problems, but I was hoping to be able to skate Mo's board again before I sent it on its way.  I left for the skate park hoping to just get some shots of guys riding the board, but I packed my gear just in case.  When I got there I was feeling good, so I decided to pad up and give it a try.  I took it nice and easy and it went fine.  It's like riding a bike, I guess.  A couple little wobbles, but no major problems.  It helps, too, that I'm very familiar with the park and it's not to challenging.  I had the board set up with Indy 169s and Black Death Dubcons.

Much to my surprise, my friend from Madison, Todd (Madtownine) showed up out of the blue and we got to skate together once more.
My long time partner in crime, Jeff, also took a turn on the Chief.  Nice 50/50 here.

Salute to Mike, Paul and Pat.
The usual suspects.  Nothing but old guys at the park.
The day before I went to Brookfield, I decided to stop in at 4Seasons, our indoor park, to see what was shaking and to see if maybe the owner, Neal, would want to take some runs on the Chief. 

Manager, Jeff, and owner, Neal.
Neal had to run and couldn't skate.  So, instead, meet Felix the flying grom.  He's only 11 years old and rips.  He took a run on the Chief, but was a little sketched out.  So, I had to settle for pics of him flying over the Chief instead of flying on the Chief.


OK, so that's 4 riders, including me, @$10 per rider = $40, plus I'll throw in another $10 = $50 = 5 raffle tickets.  I will probably divide the donations between Grind for Life and Ann's Hope Foundation.

I'll post some more pics of the board at various Milwaukee landmarks and hopefully won't bore you too much with that. 

Later is Now
Happy Daze Crew
Save the Turf!!!

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I took the Traveling Chief to some Milwaukee area landmarks for pictures before it's journey.  I guess I took a lot of pictures.  Check them out or skip over if you get bored.

The main beach in Milwaukee is Bradford Beach.  Yes, people actually do surf here and usually in the winter when the waves are bigger.  That's nuts.  The water is still only 42 degrees after this cold winter and the lake almost freezing over.  That makes for some fog along the lake shore on warmer days, as this day was.

I cruised the board up and down the sidewalks by the beach and in the adjacent Veteran's Park.  It's been said a lot, but I'll say it again.  Mellow Yellows are awesome wheels.

Cool Art Deco beach house at Bradford Beach.




North Point Water Tower up the bluff from the beach.

Vietnam War Memorial in Veteran's Park.



Recently relocated Gen. MacArthur statue.  MacArthur went to high school in Milwaukee.  The statue was formerly standing in a secluded park by the county courthouse named MacArthur square. The statue should get more attention now at the lakefront.  Statue is being rededicated on Saturday.


An easy glide down from the statue to the most beautiful building in Milwaukee.  The Calatrava addition to the Milwaukee Art Museum.  Designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, who also designed the train station that will be going in at Ground Zero in NYC.


I realized after I got to the end of the sidewalk that if the board had gotten away from me, it could have ended up going under the railing and be sitting at the bottom of Lake Michigan right now.


Lunch stop at a Milwaukee institution - Real Chili.  It's not just for breakfast anymore. 

If I eat to much of this stuff, I could be joining our friends in the hereafter sooner than I hoped.  Sooo good, though.  My standing order, the "Marquette" with cheese.

A short walk from Real Chili is Milwaukee City Hall, as seen at the opening of Lavern and Shirley, and the "Bronze Fonz." 



A short drive north brings us to Lake Park and the last remaining Native American burial mound in Milwaukee County.  There were over 20,000 burial mounds in Wisconsin at one time.  Now there are only about 4000.  Considering Wes' art on the Chief, it seems only right to have a picture here.



Right by the burial mound are two memorial park benches, reminding me that somewhere many miles away there are two park benches with Mo's and Zenklee's names on them.


What could be more Milwaukee than Miller beer?  Just west of downtown is Miller Valley.




Brewery tour in progress.  I ducked into the bar to try to buy a beer but was denied!  Got to take the free tour to get the free beer.  Your money is no good here.

Refrigeration caves five stories below.  They use the caves for concerts and such now.

They used more wood than Wes to make a road back in the day.

I thought I'd run with the Native American theme, so I made the 45 min. journey to a place I hadn't been since I was there on a grade school field trip - Lizard Mound County Park in West Bend.  These are effigy mounds that were built by Native Americans over 850 years ago.  Some of the mounds are in shapes of different Native American spirits.  One of the shapes looks like a giant lizard, hence the name Lizard Mound.  Very little is know about the natives who built these mounds.  From what can be gathered, they were primarily burial mounds, but not all were burial mounds.  It is believed that the bodies of the recently deceased were put in trees to decompose and then the bones brought to the mounds for burial at ritual gatherings.  The shapes are a little hard to make out from the ground, but still distinguishable.  Here is a map of the grounds if you're interested http://www.co.washington.wi.us/uploads/docs/lizardmap2013-rev.pdf.



Conical mound, possibly representing a turtle.

Panther mound.


Lizard mound.

At the head of the lizard mound.

Well defined linear mound.

My puppy giving the board a proper send off.  (Also makes a nice pillow).

So, there you have it.  Anybody still awake? 

I'm looking forward to pictures from all of you.

Later is Now
Happy Daze Crew
Save the Turf!!!

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Great start for what should be a trip. May that board and all who ride it, Journey Well.
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Awesome photos bro! can't wait to see everyone else's

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Nice kick off!!!

(chili doesn't have beans though)

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It landed In ND yesterday Afternoon. I had time to unbox it and get measurements for stencil.  I had to split to Billings this morning, but will be back tomorrow and she will be in flight to WCJ10 on Monday.


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Great send off!
That shot of the deck with the Bronze Fonz and his thumbs up is hilarious!

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Total fun and some nice tribute shots...
Have Deck Will Travel

(Have Gun Will Travel 1957-63, then 70s re-runs. Cowboy TV show)


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Well The brief landing in ND was short, and I did not get to set it up just did a little body work as per Chris's request and now it will be off to Cali for the Jam....

[IMG_1741]   photo IMG_1743.jpg

 photo IMG_1744.jpg

It's Better to ask for Forgiveness than to beg for Permission

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Way to get things started!
ssh...my common sense is tingling

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we have a trillion-dollar debt because we spend too much."
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Sweeeet!  Turned out nice.  Thank you!!
Later is Now
Happy Daze Crew
Save the Turf!!!

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Chris.  You are the one who put this all together Thank You...   Its on its way to Mogs with the swag. It should get there by Wednesday so we have some cushion..[thumb][thumb]
It's Better to ask for Forgiveness than to beg for Permission

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That fucking rocks! Nice work!
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Luv the grip stencils! [thumb]
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