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Memorial Day weekend seems the appropriate time to announce this.  As I was seeing frequent posts of remembrance of our fallen members, I got an idea for another traveling board tour.  When Mickey was raising money for Mo, I bought one of Mo's riders - a red Chief.  What better way to remember Mo and our other fallen brothers than to circulate something of Mo's amongst our members?  So, if there is interest in this, I would like to circulate Mo's Chief in honor of Mo, SkateFink and Zenklee. 


Rather than circulate a complete, like we did with the Traveling Carpaint, I will just circulate the deck this time.  This will make shipping easier and will allow everybody to set up the board they way they like it.  I want to include everybody who wants to be a part of this, so if you can't skate, you can still participate by signing the deck.  Hopefully, there is enough room on the bottom of the deck for every member who participates to sign their user name.  So, be courteous of others when you sign and don't take more room than you need. 

I would really like this to be a fundraiser, so I am asking that there be a minimum $10.00 donation for each person who signs or rides the board.  I think the donation should be to some cancer related charity, so I am recommending Grind for Life, American Cancer Society, Stanford University Medical Center (in honor of Mo), Ann's Hope Foundation (for melanoma) or the MACC Fund (Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer).  The donation element of the Traveling Carpaint Tour didn't really take off, but I'd really like to see it be across the board (no pun intended) this time.   

I'm dubbing this tour the "F.U. Heroes Tour", standing for Fallen Unsung Heroes and, of course, being a play on the title of Glen E. Friedman's book.  However, if the name I chose proves to be unpopular, I was also considering the "Journey Well Tour" or the "Weridtrip Tour", in honor of Skatefink, of course. 

So, like before, if you're interested in participating, post up on this thread and I'll put together an itinerary.  I am planning on having it start at the West Coast Jam, so if somebody wants to be the one to set it up and take it to the Jam, let me know.  Then, maybe Keith could take the board to NorCal from the Jam?   

I had some dog tags made in honor of our friends and they will travel with the board.


Edit 6/2/14: 

We will do this as a raffle for the board fundraiser.  Each person who signs or rides the board will donate at least $10 to one of the charities I listed.  (If there is another charity you think would be appropriate, let me know).  If you want to donate on behalf of any other people who will ride the board, that is cool, but let's keep signatures and raffle to just registered BDS members.  Each $10 donation will count as one raffle ticket.  So, for instance, if you donate $20.00 for yourself and another $30.00 for 3 non-members who ride the board, you will get 5 raffle tickets.  You can either donate directly to the charities I listed and get a tax receipt, or you can send me a check or money order (PM me for my address).  If you make direct donations, you need to get a copy of your tax receipt to me to be entered in the raffle.  

Edit 6/3/14:

A few miscellaneous things to note.  First, from the appearance of wood screw holes in the bottom of the deck, it appears that Mo had rails on this deck at one time.  From what I can tell from the spacing of the holes, the rails were probably Krooks.  I did not install any rails on the board before sending it out, mainly because I thought they would make it difficult for people to sign the deck.  So, in order to preserve what's left of the graphics (they are smudged from when Mo used the board) and the signatures that will be going on there, if you think you will be doing rock and rolls or board slides, please use the existing screw holes to install some Krooks rails.  You can take the rails off before sending the deck to the next destination.  I also noticed some stress cracks around the back truck holes.  I don't think they will be a problem, but it would probably not be a good idea to do boneless airs and come down hard on the tail of the board.  And, finally, don't over tighten the mounting hardware so we can be sure the board will finish the tour without the flat head hardware drilling all the way through the deck. 

I packed the following with the deck:  memorial dog tags, 1.5" flat head hardware, black Sharpie, white paint pen.


You can used the black sharpie to sign the bottom of the deck.  Remember to leave room for others to sign.  I thought, if the board gets to Wes, that he could sign across the Chief's headdress, since he is the chief here, after all?  I have tried using paint pen over silk screen graphics and it did not turn out well.  The oil based paint dissolved the graphics as I was writing.  I don't think Sharpie will do that, but I guess I wouldn't use a lot of pressure or go over an area of the graphics repeatedly with the Sharpie.  If we run out of room on the bottom of the board, people can sign the top of the board with the white paint pen.  Please re-pack all of these items with board before sending the board to the next location.   

Use your imagination when you have the board.  Get some skating shots and/or shots of the board at landmarks in your area or at places or with things that have significance with respect to our fallen brothers.  Most of all, let's celebrate the lives of the guys we are honoring and have fun while we're doing it.  I think all of them would have liked that.  

Edit 6/14/14:

If we get a good response to the raffle, maybe I'll throw in more raffle items??  

Edit 6/16/14:

OK, so the board is on the move.  Here is what I'm thinking for a route.  It's kind of around the horn in the opposite direction of the Traveling Carpaint tour.

1.  North Dakota - shadowglenn
2.  Oceanside - West Coast Jam
3.  Los Osos - Mickey
4.  San Francisco - Mickey
5.  Sonoma Valley - 300hpdavid
6.  Sacramento - johnnymonskate
7.  Santa Monica - SantaMonicaDog (for anybody in SoCal who didn't get to the Jam or who wants another kick at the cat)
8.  Arizona - lox
9.  El Paso - skateboardpimp
10.  Austin - Grandpaskates
11.  New Orleans - Scuba
12.  Punta Gorda - pooltroll
13.  Boca Raton - geightor
14.  Atlanta - liquidskyzz
15.  Raleigh - Freddie
16.  Virginia Beach - SPinVB
17.  Maryland - Queue
18.  Pittsburg - pigiron666
19.  Louisville - Pickle
20.  Colorado - Ratone
21.  Final Stop - TBD
22.  Raffle Winner's Man Cave

Depending on how long the tour takes, we may have to alter the route so the board hits the northern cities before the weather turns. 

You don't have to rush with the board, but try to keep it moving forward.  If possible, let's try to avoid having the board sit in one location for two weeks without any activity.  As with the Traveling Carpaint, each host should arrange for shipping with the guy on the list ahead of him.

Thanks to everybody who is participating.  I'm looking forward to all the pictures and stoke.  And please don't forget about the DONATIONS/RAFFLE. 

Journey well!!

Later is Now
Happy Daze Crew
Save the Turf!!!

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Great idea! I like the thought with this one. Count me in!
ssh...my common sense is tingling

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cool, I'd like to ride the chief,
I too have one of Mo's boards a red GHll [thumb]


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I'm down![thumb][thumb]
[rolleyes] breaking is a memory! [rolleyes]

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Great idea and nice way to tribute a friend, Chris.

I'm in. Personally, I like the idea of Grind for Life or the local YMCA rather than Stanford. 

EDIT: A bro tells me Stanford was *really* helpful to Mo. I did not know that.
I was figuring Stanford had more resources for fund raising is all. Didn't mean to 
slam them in any way. (thx, D!)
All good.


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Such a cool idea. Great the it's going to be at the WC Jam. I will look forward to riding it.

Top Man 70's.

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Nice idea!  Since a red Chief is one of my regular riders, I can just move my set up right to it.
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Nice Chief!

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First off, many thanks to those who have responded already.  I really appreciate your interest in this. 

When I first started tossing around the idea for this, I was a little concerned that the whole traveling board thing might be played out already with the Traveling Carpaint.  But, I only got positive feedback on the idea from the few people I told, so I figured there would be sufficient interest in this to make it worth doing.  But, judging by the response to the thread, I'm wondering if there is sufficient interest? 

Are people turned off by the fundraising element?  I realize we all have gone to bat for many causes here, including for Mo, and I wouldn't fault anybody for being a little burnt out on donations.  Or, maybe you have other causes you support and don't want to add more to your list?  I can understand that too.

On the other hand, ten bucks is a pretty nominal donation and it gives this board tour a little more meaning.  Maybe all we need here is a little kickstarter?  So, here is what I'm thinking to make this more interesting.  How about doing this as a raffle for the board, with each $10 donated buying one ticket in the raffle?  Then, at the end of the tour, there will be a drawing for the deck that everyone has signed/ridden?  Good?  As to method, we could either do this on an honor system basis (or a show me your receipt basis) or I could collect the donations by Paypal and send them out in bulk after all donations are collected.  If the latter method is chosen, Paypal would get a small percentage of the money (or each donor could contribute an extra buck or two to cover the Paypal fees). 

Even if we make this a raffle, I would still like to see 100% participation in donations from all who sign or ride the deck.  I think we need a minimum of $100 in donations/raffle ticket purchases to make this worthwhile.  Otherwise, we could probably raise more money than that by auctioning the deck after the tour. 

In addition to the raffle idea, I want to mention that I have already received a $50 pledge from one anonymous member toward this cause.  He is hopeful that his pledge will get the ball rolling here and will be the kickstart needed.  Many thanks to you, Mr. Anonymous. 

So, what do you guys think? Raffle it?

It looks like there is going to be good attendance at the West Coast Jam and maybe some going are figuring they will just get on board with this when they get there.  That's cool, but it would be nice if you could let me know that's your intent in this thread so I kind of know if this is taking off or going over like a lead zeppelin.  (Sounds like the name of a rock band.  Hmmm).   

Later is Now
Happy Daze Crew
Save the Turf!!!

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By the way, Mickey has graciously agreed to set up the board and bring it to the Jam.  Thanks Mickey.

(Please read my above post if you happened to skip over it and read only this one). 

Later is Now
Happy Daze Crew
Save the Turf!!!

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Grandpaskates responded for my area of the country, but I am in.
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I'm "IN" on this... Colorado/Rocky Mtn region.
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Loving it!!!
this is a great move chris.
this place needs an event deck to pull it together tighter.
I'll be happy to ride the chief when it hits the jam & normal !

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GOD AGAINST ALL....................................

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I'm pretty sure Jeffro, Keith and Deadgreg would be down, I'm in for sure. I'll make sure the Chief gets to hit Hammond, BR, and the NOLA diy.
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I'll add some character to that board.
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