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A few weeks ago I took a quiver of my riders down to the local skatepark to see how they all compared to each other in the 5' half pipe.  It was so much fun that over the next couple days I took a couple of my other boards out to compare too.  I took video and did a write up on SnB but never did include the last session with the Gashead.  The Gashead belongs here anyway.

Board: BDS Gashead
Trucks: Grind King Jay Adams w/ 1/4" risers
Wheels: BDS Shogo Kubo Dragons Lime Green
Bearings:  Bones Swiss

I had never ridden the Gashead in the halfpipe prior to this session so I was not sure how it would go. Hell, I had never even dropped in on it.  Mind you I have seen amazing pics here and elsewhere of these boards shredding bowls so I wanted to see for myself what this board could do.  

I am not very experienced in the halfpipe or ramps in general.  Its only been a couple months since I learned to drop in.  Anyway, after warming up on the smaller ramps I dropped into the halfpipe.  First thing I noticed was how much work this setup requires to maintain or generate speed.  I suspect Black Deaths would do wonders.  The wheels are a bit soft for my liking but are awesome for all around use and I like the single conical for when I get a wheel above the coping.  

This board is smooth, quiet and has great flow but I was amazed at how quickly this thing swings around.  These trucks do fine in the halfpipe but would probably want something a bit more turny for a bowl.

So heres a little video of one of my runs on the Gashead.

All in all, this setup is a lot of fun in the halfpipe.  Its like driving a high quality sports sedan that has a comfortable ride yet is quite capable of being sporty when pushed.


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Awesome use of BDS stuff!!
Looks like having fun in the over cast sun :----)

Nice video work as well....

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Originally Posted by Palydaxjones

Nice video work as well....

Well thanks but really all I did was turn my phone video camera on, set it on the bottom rung of the railing and did my run.  Nothing much to the video work really.  I am waiting on delivery of a GoPro Hero4 Silver so the near future should bring better quality video and frame grabs.

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"Way to be cedaralaia"

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Nice work. Diggin' the All star high tops. [thumb]

Timing is everything !!!

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You've done well there, nice run, very smooth and some grindage going down. Used to run my Gashead in that configuration, those Lime Green Shogo's are definitely a great all round wheel. I changed my set up to Indy 215's and Rainskates Tsunami 59 mm Orange wheels to shave a bit of weight. Its great at my local park which is about as rough as they come being 36 years old. The great thing about the GasHead is that it can be used everywhere, Mini Ramps, Bowls and Cruising the street.
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