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Neighbors over, early bbq...
Kids are 5 & 8 and eat only
Peanut Butter, Hot Dogs, Mac & Cheese.....
Cute family so I abided by their requests. Best I could..

I can do Plain and Simple: Safeway brand Giant Hotdogs......

Come and get it you rug rats. Have it your way plain and simple.
Fixings or no fixings.

Chefs plate. Dog with onion/tomato/jalapeno fresh made salsa, + chopped lettuce.
Side of a homemade Mac & Cheese. Added spicy flavors they did not notice.... :-------)
Spiked MY ice tea with 2 solid shots of  bourbon. Had a nice refreshing taste...
I call it: "get along with picky people" juice..........

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Fussy eating kids.......look to the parents on that one. If you let the rug rats gets away with it they will.
Did I mention that I Love SkullsMy Collection - http://www.flickr.com/photos/tonyb66/

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Originally Posted by lox

yes, this in particular!

I think it's more the way they explode and do flips in the air. You just can't get that same "flip" when shooting tomato paste cans. Same explosion but...no flip.

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Char Siu Asian Grilled Chicken.
I donno, ole regular bbq chicken is best IMHO.

Want the marinate recipe LMK....
6hr marination of the chickens :---)

Great OG Pantina (LOL).... "Picnic" flat of chicken. Drumsticks and Thighs...

Good flavor... Not spectacular IMHO, for the effort....
Chinese Chicken Salad Sunday Lunch/Dinner and Biz lunch next Monday!!!
$5/$99c lb = 7-8 meals.... Dat is gud and cheap eating I say.......

SUNDAY Lunch.....Char Siu Chicken Salad....
Cut up some fresh veggie, some from bag.
Recipe from the 3rd dynasty BC [wink]


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Smoked Salmon. (grilled salmon dinner will follow at 5pm)
Thought might be in season April 2017...WRONG...
Bot 4lb Farmed Salmon Filet.... $9lb Costco. Will say, excellent looking filet!

Nooner 1/4 lb Smoked 2 hours with brown sugar soy glaze. Oregano, Rosemary, Marjoram Fresh Sprigs added.

Smoked Salmon Lunch with side of fresh homemade mashed potatoes
Salmon very good flavor but needed 4hrs vs 2 hrs I smoked. Tators OMH good...

4:30pm....Dinner is served. Grilled Farm Atlantic Salmon...Mashed Tator Side, Peas & Costco cookies YUM...
*** Farm Salmon flavor is good, not great. Cream Wasabi addition made the dish! Easy to buy 10oz jar. Recommend.
      No comparison as to farm salmon flavor to fresh caught or whole salmon IMO!!!!
*** Semi grilling disaster, PM if wish to read the: saved it, but still ruined the presentation of filet of salmon LOL...
Sorry about picture, got too close (??)

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God I hate peas.
Still the guns and stow 'em! Signal the men! Set the flags and make good to clear port!

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i didn't know anyone ate them voluntarily
the older i get ..... shit i forgot what i was going to say
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