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Saturday 2nd. OMG, Had to have been 102+ degrees around that grill
2pm-5pm. Everyone wanted to eat at 5pm as was such a hot 96 degrees +....6 folks total.
Was 107 degrees on Friday!!!!!!!!!! Birds, Bugs dropping  dead while flying.
That is hot for this 72 degree area in the summer with a breeze!!!

I don't do grilling holidays, so this is Sat 2nd vs Labor Day 4th [thumb]

So much food had to do in stages over about 3 hours.
IMO the BBQ sauce Country Style was little more too done/pot roast flavor vs BBQ pork.
BUT the left overs for Baked Beans and BBQ pork Chinese rice will be awesome
meals during up coming week! (click to make picture larger)
5lbs $1.99lb

Of course Precious wanted something different as to her country style pork.
24hrs marinated the pork Wegman's garlic/lemon dressing she learned about in a upstate NY trip last year.
It is damn good I will admit... 5lbs $1.99lb & Yes we had to ship that dressing across the country to California!!!

Skewer Broccoli her new favorite. Its a semi nightmare getting on skewers and grilling IMO.
Corn on cob was 8 for $2..... boiled in water 6 ears as some guests like it that way (bitches LOL)
Olive Oil, little salt & pepper. Grill 15-20 min max....

Frenzy self serve in kitchen.
I barely got my plate, Corn on Cob,
Mom's 1960s potato salad recipe, bbq sauced w/Kinder hot BBQ sauce Country Style Rib.
Its 100 degrees, am sweating like a pig....
Got mine, headed to a shade tree and chair...And a hose to spray me down am exhausted LOL....


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Stuffed Homegrown Yellow Zuch and Yellow Squash, Tator Tots and BBQ Chicken thighs 99c lb....

Chef's Plate PM want more info as to how, what, when, why, etc.......
Brocolli is still in oven so no green, and for pic tator tots should be browner LOL
Gotta tell ya, was freaking outstanding Saturday evening meal....

OH RAT TRAPS..... Geez, how did that happen to get in picture......
Note to remind me to pick any up 6am so no morning critters get caught [biggrin] No rats currently....

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Off camera, 6 ears of corn, last of season corn IMO.....6 ears for $2....
Big ole 2 quart pyrex filled with homemade mashed potatoes.

Chefs Plate:
Slab of Grilled BBQ Ribs with Kinder Hot BBQ Sauce...
Corn on cob and some mashed tators......
Ate about half of the slab....saved room for;
Ice Cream cone dessert [wink]


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Ok Paly,
Not exactly a grill masterpiece like yours. But I'm trying to eat a little healthy for the most part. Grilled Chicken Salad. I try to only eat red meats once a week.

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"We don't have a trillion-dollar debt because we haven't taxed enough;
we have a trillion-dollar debt because we spend too much."
President Ronald Reagan
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