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So at 50 and a life of hipper's skating, bmxing and skiing I had to have a full hip replacement. I had lost almost all of my mobility in my hip.  Im not sure if anyone else here has had one.  The first 4 weeks after surgery are hell but it slowly gets better after that.  If anyone is considering this procedure I'd be happy to share my insights with you abot what to expect.  Let's just say that my doctor made it seem that I would be back to my old self in a week or two and that was not the case for me.  Check it out:

The good news is that I should be back to 85% in six months and close to 100% in a year or so.  Again, if you're thinking about this I can give you the real on what to expect.

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Oh Man that will leave a mark, Hope you heel fast & well!!   Man I had some hipper's back in the 70's as I started riding pools that put Me on the couch for a week & another in the last pool I skated 83, 84 & was why I stopped skating pools.  I wanted to surf, ride bikes n rides & all the other stuff going on in my life like walking!
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Yeah, that just looks brutal.  I've had ankle surgery and am now recovering from throat surgery, both I think are walks in the park compared to the major stuff you had done.  Hope you heal up fast and can get back to activities soon. 

I believe BDS member, Plumber, had hip replacement and came back from that pretty well.  Also, BDS star, Capt. Steve Holt, had hip replacement and I think it skating again?

BTW, I dig those stars and stripes Vans.  Cool!

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