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in regards to the black indy bushings, i just screw the nut on pretty tight without the top washer in place and leave it on overnight that way. the next morning when you take the nut off it won't spring back and you'll be able to put the washer on, works like a charm...
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Originally Posted by PacificHessian
But even before it became a flippy trick world, I can still recall having to swap out stock bushings for better bushings like even during the whole '80s vert craze.

Yeah very true PH! I remember using those Purple Super Cush bushings a long time ago! Those definitely helped my Indy's back then.

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Once again great knowledge shared from the BDS familia!
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Originally Posted by PacificHessian
Bones bushings are the shit. They have this built in hardness ring on the top so you can ditch the washer and give your bolt some more space. They also come in three different hardnesses.

So you're using the Bones cushions without the washer on top of the kingpin? Works okay? I was about to go out to the hardware store and find me some high-grade bolts in a longer size. Man my newest Tracker Sixtracks are tight as a drum and the nut it just barely hanging on to the nylon insert. I've got Bones in now. I guess I'll give it a shot.

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Don't worry about not using a cup washer with the Bones bushings--works fine.

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I dumped the cup washer too with my Bones bushings. I ended up getting a plain flat washer, slightly thinner. A metric size worked best....10mm I think. I felt like the washer helped support better then just the nut. Also noticed that the stock cup washer was rubbing the trucks and limiting movement. Now with the smaller diameter washer it doesn't touch. Very smooth ride and an awesome snap to center.
Love dem Bones.

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Originally Posted by slydelongboard
For instance, what should I ride: 6 feet tall 150 pounds and love to carve. Bones soft?

I'm also 6'0" 150 or so and I have used both the bones yellow and blue in my Indy trucks. Right now I'm using the blue (soft) and they're fine if you like your trucks loose. The recenter really well.

Stoked to hear you guys have had success with bones bushings on trackers, too. I started to put some in there but the bottom one just looks so weird that I stopped. I guess I'll give it a try.


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I put the soft blue bones on my two trackers sets.Darts 149 and B-2's 136 and they work incredible ! by the way ,they won't look strange on the tracker base plate,althou I thoat the same before I put them in. Is literally a new truck and exellent performance with those bushings!
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