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Gents, I'm heading out to so. cal. next week, what's the general opinion on the best so cal parks to hit? I've only been to Etnies...I'm looking for good terrain with a high "skateability" quotient. 


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"Sharpening a pencil with a knife feels manly."

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Nice to the Heart of the Badlands still represents...

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I would definitely add Clairmont and Encinitas to the top of the list...still a notch below the best of Oregon and Washington though.

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Well , I'm back.Nice trip.Boy do I suck on a board.Just going out there and seeing the level the sport is at ....well, I'll never be tiger woods either.So here's the rundown of what we hit:


Etnies- very nice park, lots of groms.The lunch session is great though.

           Very skate-able for us day campers.I liked the middle pool.


Chino- pretty neat park.Everything seemed kind of tight, though.Nifty big pool with a killer drop into the deep end.


Laguna (niguel?) - I liked the pool here very much.Not much of a learning curve, nice keyhole. Some cool wave thingies, too.


the little park off the highway- Iforget where, but it was alright, one large pool with good deep/shallow sections, not much else though. mdz where was it?.. somewhere between upland and the valley (pretty useless info, I know)


upland- what , are you people freaking crazy? I damn near killed myself at this place.It has got to be the slipperiest concrete I've ever ridden....the black death dub cons may not have been the right wheel here.Damn, I fell so hard my next kid's gonna be born bruised...well, no lasting damage anyway.


Mt. Baldy- well, we found it, thanks to the guy at the tattoo shop....but there was a foot of water flowing pretty fast through it, maybe next time.


Never made Glendale...let's face it, I was "punching above my weight" as it was....maybe next time.

 Got to see Foz (thanks btw), and the guys over at Madrid...great trip, and I didn't even break anything.


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Duarte, we also skated the paahhk in Duarte right off the 215 Freeway.


And we didn't skate Glendale cuz we had to visit with my sister in Van Nuys...told ya!

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