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kickflips....they've added so much soul to skating, why not surfing, now?   


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Volcom did the right thing and awarded Zoltan the $10K for the kickflip. 

Kickflips.......An OG trick that is still relevant today.  I'd say that is a helluva lot of soul. 

Viva la figa

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Originally Posted by Barnett
kickflips....they've added so much soul to skating, why not surfing, now?   


Hahaha, so true. Subtle irony!

As to progress in surfing. Lighter boards, shorter boards, new shapes, new fin designs and setups, new shaping materials, leashes, etc - that's what I call progress in surfing history. Kickflips, aerials, 360s, etc - that's just tricks, but no progress. It doesn't change anything for anyone. Just tricks...
The only one calling it progress is the industry, because they need something catchy for their marketing and sales.

The bottom line is that surfing is about fun. In waves. Whether you do kickflip or soul arch, whether you ride a shortboard, a longboard or just a damn old wooden door - it's always about the one essence, fun that is. Uh, yeah, and about style. And when it comes to the latter tastes differ. I prefer watching Gerry Lopez surf before Ozzy Wright any time. Just my taste.


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just wait until they start pouring sets of steps and installing hand rails in your favorite surf spot.


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Originally Posted by JHH
It's evolution. While I prefer power surfing and think some of the new school tricks guys are doing on waves look lame at times, it is all progression. And you have to have respect for progress...Boardsports are not stagnant, if you want stagnant sports play ball sports. Where is the evolution there. While I don't know why a kickflip would be a functional maneuver ever on a wave, it looked cool and he rode out of it straight into another maneuver. It's also really cool that all boardsports can share maneuvers and offer an integrated style and approach to those who do them all. 

I was wondering if you would add your .02 , I agree and we in skateboarding have seen it too since some of OUR days back in the 70's then the 80's skaters made changes and manuvers to our sport that where out of the norm and today look at what is being done on a skateboard, definitly was not stuff we even thought about back in our early day's. Progresion is something that is going to happen but i am with most all here the fluid and style of Liquid Motion is what I like.

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The local kids here freak out when they see me kickflip (or try to) oldschool style. Hard to do on a 10 to 12 inch wide board.  Can't ollie to save my life, or grind rails or hop up or down stairs (would probably break something doing that).  However, I do respect those that can and do.
Surfing I have never progressed much beyond a left or right turn. I consider myself an expert at catching a rail or spooning the nose. But I always have had fun.
Respect to those with the skills.

Life is not a worksheet

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Funny.  Gelfand, Mullen, Slater... all from Florida...  methinks they are all responsible for this chicanery....  I guess this is what small waves and long flat expanses buys you.... the gift of having done so much, with so little, for so long, that you are qualified to do anything with absolutely nothing...  Fast forward... people paddle out in small surf... say "what the hell... I'm just trying to pump a little energy out of this mess  anyway... might as well do a kickflip while I'm here... .  Why the hell not....?  It's not like they have a chick to hold over their heads like the old longboard competitions....

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"Whatever floats your boat"

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