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Gal in office whom I sent a grilling picture to...
Guess she can scroll via that picture to other
pictures I have posted on BDS....

She emails: back....
"Loved the hamburger fest you had. Thanks for the picture.
And that looked like a lot of red Vodka Jell-o shots I saw!!! Was it a party?"

I started to explain via email reply about skateboard risers.....
Changed my mind and simply said, yes was a hell of a party!! [rofl] [rofl] [rofl] [rofl]

Things other people see in a picture....

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yup and the yellow and orange TO's looked like blond hash.....    so Mr. Paly can you let me hit some of that stuff out of your homemade bong?

she knows you bbq too, you are fucked, once the word gets out about you spray painting trucks gold you are completely screwed ahahahah!




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the older i get ..... shit i forgot what i was going to say
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