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OK.. tried to do some research on this.
 Out of the old Kanoa Skate shops ads all I could find
was this description:

In the Oct. 1978 issue of Skateboarder

Kanoa Hy-Flyte "Doug Schneider" model
8 &1/2 inch 8 ply maple, wheel wells

I did see a vintage snowboard on Ebay with one
of these decks attached to it. It has Sky-Hooks
mounted to it like the one that was featured
with the Ebay snowboard.

It does have delams in the front wheel well, but it's in
decent shape.

(Jay Adams Z-Flex is shown for size comparison only)
(not for sale at the moment)

I'll put it out there for $65.00 shipped

If anyone knows the history of these decks, let me know.



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Very cool deck!

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Damn, I `d be all over this if I hadn`t sold my Kanoa Rollouts recently.

"you have to be free to plan things, and you have to plan to be free" - Luis Gasca
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