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I know the kneepad thing has been kicked around before, but I've seen what happens to ProDesigns after some use, and they don't really seem to last any longer than anything else, so I can't really justify spending the extra $$ for them.

So, how do you guys vote on the following 3:

Smith Scabs Elite
Pro-tec Ramp Knee
TSG Force II


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protecs are cheap but if you have big cafs they dont fit,tsg dont know,smith scabs are pretty good,pro designs are worth the money you get them sized to your legs and you can recap the plastic sliders

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I had the PD's and really liked them, but when my shit was stolen I couldn't justify spending $$ for PD so I bought the TSG II's 1/3 of the cost of PD's and very comfortable and plastic caps are velcro'd on so you can replace them when ever neccessary and not worry about gluing recaps over the one revited on the pad. Also they have the open back and buckle w/o having to pay extra. Get some you won't be sorry!


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hey Frank,
I love my PD's.
the cloth is getting a little ratty...but for how many times
I've walked away from heavy bails(remember Baldy?)
I'd gladly pay for PD's again. the pro-tecs I had before
were worthless compared to my PD's.
if you can't tell the difference in protection, then by all
means go ahead and get something else; but for me
I'm gonna stick with my PD's.

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I haven't used any of the ones you listed. I had Pro-Tec streets which were less than useless to me. I went with the PDs and I love them.


I was looking at the Scabs becuase $$ was a concern for me too, but I waited for a PD Group discount. I believe that there is one going on right now under Teamfun.


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I have experience with all and more!


PD' have great protection....but they need to use Nylon instead of cloth material!!!!   Not sure why Bill doesn't produce them with better external material...except the ease of sewing cloth compared to nylon material.


Protecs.....they suck....but the new Ramp model they have is not too bad...in comparison to the past ones.


TSG....they are more padded than the Scabs....but the Scabs fit a lot better.


Scabs....very good all around pad....much better with the knee gaskets...but

more expensive than TSG's.


I wear knee gaskets no matter what pad I'm using....Even my Pain Cheaters (which are by far the best for protection)...the gaskets help hold my knee sockets together and offer more padding.  Also...the best aspect I really love about using gaskets.....they are neoprene and can be washed so easily....and they absorb the stink rather than the pad!


If you want a great pad for the least amount of coin...the TSG's are a great choice!!!  Look around....you can get them for less than $40. 


Good luck


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Funny, I love my ramp Pro Tecs...Except when they slipped on a bail and left 3rd degree masonite burn! (HINT: Tighten the bottom half ...)

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I really like my Smith Scabs.  I do wear them with gaskets, too.  Never bother me, hold up great, good protection.  I'd recommend them. 




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Have you considered Harbinger ramp Knee pads. They are super thick in the padding, have big sliders that seem to be wearing ok so far, and for me the best thing is they are open backed so I don't have to slip them over anything. They also have good straps that can be cranked tight so they don't slip.



the ones I'm talking about are the 521k's

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TSG's rock for the dollar.  I got me a set and a pair of TSG gaskets to go with them and I'm VERY stoked. It takes them a session or 2 to break in, but then, its all good.  I been wearing Harbinger for a few years and have nothing bad to say about them. After the velcro wore out on the Harbingers I was on a budget and tried the TSG.  I'm real glad I did.

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TSG Knee Gaskets with the Force 2 pads all the way.  Very nice fit, light and flexible.  The velcro re-caps are cool also.


If you can get a hold of the Force 1 elbow pads those are the best combo.  Force 1 elbow, knee gaskets and Force 2 knee pads.


I've never tried the Smith Scabs but I've heard good things about them.


Out here all you see are PD's and TSG's.




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Pro Designs SAVE Your knees. Worth the $$$$$$. My boy has boneless which are nice, well made. My buds all have Pain Cheaters. Very nice. On the order of PD's, worth every penny if you can take the next run.

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Pro Design and TSG


For Helmet Pro-Tec certified.


And mind as well I'll include sk8 shoes.


 DC the vista model . or Duffs seville model


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Thanks Everybody! I'm going with Scabs/gaskets. Final score (if you care) from 2 web sites:

Scabs = 11
TSG = 9
Prodesigned = 7
Rector = 2
Harbinger = 2
Pro-tec = 1


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I'll be blunt, there's not a kneepad out there that compares to Pain Cheaters.

Hey, that's an interesting idea wearing the knee gaskets underneath the Pain Cheaters. Is the mobility still really good while wearing them?

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