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 Man, I do not mean to reopen such a long, and "Overwith" thread, but, this pool, guys, is so fun now! I cannot tell you how scared the older pool made me feel when tryin' anything other than a carve or kickturn.

 NOW, the flow in this pool is so wide open. Talk about endless deep end to shallow end runs. You tire out way before you loose speed! I have to wonder, because while sessioning it with my boy & his friends, I walk around the lip of the pool looking for kinks, and I can't find one.

 It makes me wonder, when I used to see pools like Cherry Hill, Winchester, The Turf, in the mags,and the reports were that they had achieved perfection in a skate pool. This has to be up there with the best. But just remember, I did not get to skate alot of pools other than The Turf, and Kona, and Solid Surf in Lauderdale.

 I'm more hyped on this thing now than when it was 1st redone. I think about it all the time. Like it was when I was 18, my last thoughts before sleep are going through possible lines (Believe me that the new shallow end allows for so much more) I will tell you all again, you WANT to hit this thing, and I know we'll get togeather in Oct., but if you live within 5 hours of this hole, you need to treat yourself to a pool that will actually make you skate better than you normally do!

 Have a great Skate,


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 Well, we hit the pool again Sunday, 2:00 in the afternoon, It was so hot inside that gleaming bowl that I think I lost 5 pounds. But hooked up with fellow O.G. Mike, who was very down with the '78-'85 era "Z-Eastcoast" team, and He told me that he was really looking for a BDS Shogo but coundn't find...I told him he was looking in all the wrong places. That my Bros could hook him up so I told him to get on the right forum. THEN>>> I asked "Hey, have you heard Martin say anything..." and he interrupted me with "About a FULLPIPE?"

 "Yeah?"  He then said that it was in the works, then elaborated on where and when, and it looks like we might be havin' us an old-fashioned pipe-pasting contest. YeeHaw!

  Catch y'all later,



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I'm the 100th person to reply! did i win anything . j/k . i guess konas replacing the nationals with a new pool and full pipe cuz they haven't had the kona nationals in two years. but owell b.c that is the best pool ever , its all i skate now and I'm sure the pipe will be really fun to. does anyone know if it will be done by October though?
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