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ECRW founder Jaime Stapula is asking that we assist with a letter/e-mail writing campaign to help Fairfax County live up to their promises for the second phase of the Wakefield Skatepark.

East Coast Round Wall (ECRW) is a soon to be established non-profit entity that will be dedicated to the promotion of skateboarding with an emphasis on pools, bowls, and vertical ramps.

Copy and adjust the letter as needed then send it to the county officials.

(don't forget to put in your name where it says <<>>) and send it to the two people below.


Charles Bittenbring
Director, Park Services Division

Michael Kane, Director
Fairfax County Park Authority
12055 Government Center Parkway
Fairfax, VA 22035

This letter is in regards to the next phase of development at the Wakefield skatepark. As I understand it, the second phase of development will not take place. Instead, additional (smaller) "street" style parks will be constructed. I am writing this letter to let you know that, as a Fairfax county resident, I am in opposition to this type of development.

The original plan for Wakefield skatepark called for a vert ramp and a bowl and by overlooking these items, you are overlooking my needs as a skateboarder. As a seasoned skateboarder, the current facility you have built does not offer much to me. Please do not get me wrong, the park is well built and is usable for the beginner population, but it sorely lacks the variety and challenge (i.e., a vert ramp and a bowl) needed for the more advanced skaters such as my self.

Also, by not including these features (the vert ramp and the bowl) and opting to build another street section, you are excluding a large population of skaters who do not enjoy "street" skating at all. This is comparable to skiers who enjoy cross country skiing, versus skiers who enjoy down hill skiing. You would not build a cross country course and then go on to build a more advanced cross country course and then consider this to be appropriate for every skier.

Further more, I also want you to realize that this skatepark is for ALL of the residents of Fairfax county (and the extended counties of Viriginia), and not just for the school aged children of this state. By continuing down the path of only building (smaller) "street" style parks, you are excluding many of the adult skateboarders who wish to use this public facility.

In closing, I am requesting that you proceed with the original plan to build the vert ramp and the bowl so that myself, and the population of skaters that you have overlooked, will also have a place to skateboard.


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I was at a meeting last night with some MD state officials (not skate related).  They said you get a lot more mileage out of a personally composed letter.  "If an issue is that important to someone, you'd think they could take the time to explain it personally."  If you have time, paraphrase or add to the letter below.  BUT if you don't have time, cut, paste, insert name, send.  Omit the Fairfax County resident part if it does not apply.


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