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Any additional feedback, please send a PM rather than posting it up as a reply here.  Added the latest deck (name per Wes). 

Deck/GraphicRelease Year
Tribal (BDA)1999
Tribal (BDA) colored1999
Feathered Murf (BDA)2000
Shogo Rising Sun 2000
Wave Graphic (BDA) 2000
Winged Bodybuilder LB2000
Gas Head Flat Pig2002
Murf Flat Pig2002
Ray Flores2002
Sabertooth 2002
Sacred Heart2002
Santa Monica Cross 2002
Street Decks2002
Buddy Carr2003
DT Fest Double Dragons 2003
DT Fest POP 2003
Gas Head LB/38 Specials2003
Jeremy Schadler Stoney2003
PC Tail Tap II (BDA)2003
Shogo Pineapple Bomb2003
Venice Cross2003
Wicked Skills2003
Big Foot II 2004
Fire Water aka Blue Flame2004
Octo 8 - 8 wheeler  1st Gen2004
Q10 1st Gen (Cross in Wave) 2004
Shogo Airbeam 2004
Shogo Oops2004
Shogo Samurai Popsicle  - Set of 32004
Skull and Cane 2004
South Side Flat Pig 2004
Tiger LB2004
Twisted Serpent/Distributor Deck 2004
Gas Head II2005
Head Hunter2005
Joker 2005
Long Pig 1st Gen (Pipe Bomb)2005
My Chemical Imbalance 2005
Q10 2nd Gen (Coat of Arms) 2005
Q12 2nd Gen 2005
Ram - Exotic Veneer 9.5 2005
Shogo Limited LB2005
Skull and Roses Exotic Wood2005
X-Large (Gorilla) 2005
Big Pimp2006
Bulldog Model (Viking)2006
Stussy Limited B&W2006
Super Pig 2006
The Chief2006
Unholy Grail2006
30th Anniversary 2007
357 Outlaw2007
8 wheeler 2nd gen 2007
Limited 75/762007
Long Pig 2nd Gen 2007
Message Board 2007
Mini Z 2007
The Plank2007
Tiki - 8 wheeler 3rd gen2007
Bart Saric Collaboration Deck 2008
Biniak Formica2008
Biniak Sprayed Rails2008
Holt 2008
Kevin Miranda2008
DHS Downhill Deck 2009
Factory Blueberry 2009
Bodybuilder Limited2010
Eric Dressen Collaboration Deck 2010
Fire and Water 2010
Head Hunter Limiteds2010
Murf Limited 2010
Q10 Blunt Nose2010
Santa Monica Cross Limited2010
30th Anniversary Limited Spray Rails2011
Angry Pig2011
Angry Pig Limited2011
Bulldog 78 Limited2011
Alva Collaboration Deck 2012
Dragon 2012
Peacock (Phoenix Style) 2012
Sacred Heart II2012
Sacred Heart II Limited2012
40" Long Pig Totem2013
King Fish 2013
Sabertooth II2013
Sea Horse - 4th Gen 8 wheeler 2013
Sea Witch - 5th Gen 8 wheeler2013
2014 Bomb2014
Beamer 2014
Gonazalez Collaboration Deck 2014
Double Cobra (formerly 12" beamer)2015
Fish in the Beamer2015
Peacock - Feathered2015
Tri Plane2015
Bomb in the Beamer/Fighting Cocks2016
Lions N Skulls2016
Big Fish 12 * 332018

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