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Was shopping for some white Kryptonics for a cruiser and found them really cheap on Amazon. On SK8 Supply they are $36.99 plus shipping, on SCS they are $35.95 plus shipping. On TGM they are $37.95 plus shipping. Found them on Amazon for $29.95 with free shipping. Funny thing is, the shipping label shows they shipped from TGM. I've found a few things on Amazon much cheaper this way. Just thought I'd share so we can all save a few bucks.

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At the expense of supporting the skate shops that are dedicated to our sport.  I'd rather pay the few extra dollars & have them available to help us, carry gear that Amazon won't & support the skate scene.  Amazon doesn't give a shit about skateboarding!

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It's a great heads up, and we all want to save a few quid, but Amazon have been avoiding paying tax in the UK by processing all sales through Luxembourg; and their vast warehousing in the UK has just been raided for employing illegal immigrants.  Amazon won't get a penny of my money....ever!!

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Agreed --- I would so much hope that those dollars would end up in the hands of the aforementioned skate shops over Amazon -- the recent statements about the shipping deals done with USPS are not cool -- I like to save when i can. but for this kinda of buy -- I will gladly rather pop for a few bucks to a shop I know.

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