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Just got back today from Bloomington Indiana's skatepark. Went down just to check it out because it's not officially open until this weekend. Took the boards just encase. Good thing too. There were some guys doing some landscaping but other than that it was only me, my little boy and another old fart (even though he's not as old as me). We tore it up. The bowl is huge. It's got to be atleast 11' if not higher. Smooth as glass, no kinks and real coping.

What was really impressive was the rest of the park. Even though I'm not much of a street guy I had my BDS longboard and you could work every wall, hip, bump, etc. all around the park in one push. Too damn much fun. If you're ever in the area you ought to do yourself a favor and check it out.

BDS Longboard, Seismic 155's, Shogo Soft-Pours, Rocket Ron's

BDS Shogo "Bomb," Tracker SixTracks, Shitbird's, Rocket Ron's

BDS Octo-8, Tracker Mids, wheels?
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