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They are in the planning stages of a skatepark for the town I live in. I've been to several of the meetings. The guy in charge has wanted it to be 100% modular. I've talked to him several times after the meetings about how bad it would end up being modular. I told him that if he wanted the park to be a park somebody would want to travel to it would have to be crete. I sent him several parkbuilder websites and sites showing the problems with shoddy work. Somebody on one of the other forums (S&B) who is in the state found out about it and had several of the forum's members email the guy about how bad of an idea modular parks are.

Well I ran into him yesterday and he said that they are now looking into doing a completely crete park built by Team Pain. Can't tell you how happy I am and you really can help direct these planning folks as long as you supply good information.

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way, way cool brah... stay involved... and keep us updated!

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Just make sure they understand the importance of Design AND build.


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a company called scituate concrete does all the crete parks in the northeast. the are located in massachusetts, but they might make the trip down south. theyre parks are pretty good, they have a wide range of sized ramps and stuff. i havent seen a bowl done by them, but it wouldnt surprise me if they can do them. i dunno the website but any massachusetts phonebook will have them listed. scituate massachusetts is the town. team pain is cool too.

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I am on the planning committee for our local park in Oxford Michigan and the modular companies have a huge campaign budget as they hit us hard with info. It took all I had and help from a few other dedicated individuals to finally get the committee to shelve all talks of a modular park Monday night. The only way that this park will go modular is if after 2 years there is less than $50k in our bank account.


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Scituate Concrete builds good parks? Are you fucking kidding me? You need to travel to some real parks if you think Scituate can build a park! I wouldn't let those hacks build me a bird bath (which is one of the products they make). They are rip off artists that are riding on the current popularity wave of skateboarding. Too bad a lot of towns/cities in the Northeast got taken by these hacks. Pre cast concrete skateparks are never the answer. Read some reviews.


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