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I`ve known cool guy Leif for over 20 yrs. Picked him up hitchhiking on the way to train/race a downhill at our local ski area, figured a guy holding 220cm skis and a helmet was heading down for the same reason I was. We became good friends, DJ`d a reggae show together for a couple years at our college and gave him the moniker Natty Leif. We both gave up skiing and started snowboarding. He`s now a freelance photographer and is quite good, runs his booth at summer music fests among other endeavors.

The body of water he`s on is called Turnagain Arm, extending from Cook Inlet. Story has it Capt Cook sailed up the arm in his quest for the Northwest Passage and had to turn around since it ended 40 miles later, hence the name Turnagain. It purports to have the second highest tides in the world behind Nova Scotia. In the summer people surf the Bore Tide, a wave that can come in twice daily with the tide and varies in size. Also, the area can get unreal winds nuking from the south and is popular with kiteboarders, and some windsurfers.

When the action is going and I`m driving the train along those tracks, I`ll stop so the tourists can have a show. As you can imagine, not many go out with the ice in winter, well except for Natty!

"you have to be free to plan things, and you have to plan to be free" - Luis Gasca

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How serene is that? Beautiful Ron....simply beautiful.  And cool back story as well.
"It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring."  Carl Sagan

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Your bud is hardcore !!!

Timing is everything !!!
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