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Just booked my tix to John Wayne. Will be staying in Huntington and plan to surf in the AM (waves permitting) and skate in the afternoons. 
Would be stoked to paddle out/drop in with any/all in the area. I'll be flying out 2 weeks from today, and will return the following Saturday.
Also looking for recommendations about which parks I gotta hit. Took notes when the 2015 West Coast Jam was discussed earlier this year, but I haven't been to this area for 20 years or so.
Please let me know- I'll surf with my bud in the morning, but pretty mobile at this point.

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You gotta hit the new Vans park in HB since your staying there and the iconic Vans combi bowl is not more than 20 min away in Orange. Its tough for me to get out during the week to skate,but who knows!!!

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Thanks Ouch-
Yes, definitely those 2 parks and the Venice one as well.
Others not to miss? Skated with 2 guys from San Diego at Roxboro yesterday here in Colorado and they said there were so many it is hard to choose any favorites.

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Great parks out here in the Badlands. Montclair, Upland and Fontana all within 10 miles[thumb]
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Thanks RR-
Looks like only an hour or so away?
Any Old Man sessions during the week?

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Well, back from my trip.
Surfed 2-3 hrs every morning and skated several hours per day. Glad to be home to rest for a few days.
Here's my $0.2:
Vans Combi: probably best bowl I've ever skated and will plan a return trip and spend most of my time there.
Vans OC: the clovers are a little too far apart, but otherwise good vert. Gotta work it to keep the speed up.
Venice: so sandy and slippery that it was sketchy. That flat spot in the little clover is bad. Good design, otherwise fun.
Oceanside/Alex Rd: not too small, but too shallow. Got bored easily.
Poods Park: Slippery but fun.
Encinitas/YMCA: great bowl. Unfortunately I could barely walk from exhaustion but really enjoyed it. Would like to skate it again.

I'm so lucky to live 5 minutes from Roxboro Park here in Colorado-2 excellent bowls there, and they never get boring. Worth the trip here just to skate those. 
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