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Originally Posted by liquidskyzz
Originally Posted by Faux_Maux
Originally Posted by Skywalker

Iskateboarding may be a largely younger sport as a whole but middle-aged skaters are not that rare at all.  What has surprised me is the reaction that I’ve gotten from some twenty-something-year-old coworkers when they found out that I am getting back into the sport.  The double-takes and chuckles have been surprising because at no time did I ever consider myself too old to skate.  I always saw myself as an old school skater when they simply saw me as, well....an old skater.


yeah... i can totally relate... i greatly dislike the mentality that allows fat, balding, middle-aged men to join a softball league... go out on the weekend and tear a PCL trying to slide into 1st base... come monday they're the freakin' "HERO" around the water cooler, right?... but me... i'm heavier than i used to be... i have WAY less hair than i used to... AND... i'm 48... i get the comments... snickers... "looks"... all that... not just from my co workers, but from people i know outside that realm... but here's what... i also have a wife that's cool with the fact that i skate... i have "SKATER" friends... and i go skate as much as a fat, balding, middle-aged man can... so you go bob... shun the naysayers and go skate... i don't do fakebook or tweeter or any other social network, but  i have a feeling we'll be skating together soon!

I Call Bullshit

You don't have any friends !!!!!!     

Oh,  and I love Snickers!!!   tasty   

just saw this... too funny!!


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Hi Bob , I'm new to the site , I don't have my legs back like u do but my desire is high . Your vids r a gr8t encouragement . At 51 I am back chasing the wave.

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Thanks for checking out my page, and have fun getting back into it yourself.  I stepped away from the park in late August to rest up from an injury, and haven't had time to get back into it but plan to in the spring.

Everyone is different, but for me I had to learn that at my age my mind and body are in two different places.  My brain remembers how to skate and wants to cut it loose, but my body has a lot more mileage on it and can't handle what I used to put it through.  During one session, I had my hamstring pop on me, and while it was only a minor tweak and nothing more severe like a tear, it rattled me and made me realize that it could have been a lot worse. 

In the months since, I've been walking and jogging, have lost some weight and have more to go, and hopefully in doing so am also strengthening my tendons, muscles, and joints to help reduce the chance of something worse happening.

Do some stretches prior to skating, take it easy to see what limitations your body may throw at you, and have fun!


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