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What are the wheels? Rainskates? I have mine set up with Alligators-

I need to get up to NB and meet up with you guys. Bill is trying to get me up there; I'm mainly into ditches but hell I'm game! I'm off Sunday-Monday. Sunday is usually skate day (low business hassles @ ditches); Monday is recoup day!!!

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The wheels are Spitfire Classics that I dyed. 99a, 60 x 40. I usually skate Thurs mornings and Mon. nights (I work 7 days a weeks, so..) at Round Rock, next week we will have Cedar Park open. I know Dan usually hits NB on Mondays, I think 1130ish. If you decide to come this way, give us a heads-up and we can plan something. I don't get to SA or NB that often. Have you tried the C-Fan ditch? It's north of NB off 35.

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As I experiment with smaller decks, shorter wheelbases and softer bushings, I'm finding it really hard to ride my old setups.  I used to love my big 12" deck with Webb wides, but now, after mostly riding the Quad 10.5 with 17" wheelbase and front wedge, the big setup feels like it doesn't turn at all.  I'm starting to suspect that the Webbs just don't turn all that well compared to Indys. 

So, decided to change my setup on the OOT.  I had it set up with the same trucks, but with Mini Dubs and 18" wheelbase.  Now I have Juju Cow Skulls and 17" wheelbase.  Prolly still needs softer bushings.  We'll see when I get it out for a ride.  The trick will be to get on the less turny setup before going to the turny ones.  Other way around is usually disaster for me.

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Indy 215s, Rainskates Stingers 62mm, Khiro 1/2 riser with a wedge in the front, Bones medium bushings. Freddies harsh ass bloody your knuckles grip.


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Love this thing, Shogos and 161s.


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Love the look and the functionality of routed channels. I wished Wes would do more of his boards with that feature...

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no doubt!  the whole idea behind this deck was awesome from the get go.......



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Nice set up Brand!  [thumb]
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Set up with Webb Shogo trucks and Rockin Rons Blackhole wheels with Ceramic Missiles. 1/4" + very thin soft risers under each truck on the 17" wheelbase.

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