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RIP Prince Rogers Nelson !!

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The fun starts at about 3:15. I'm not a big Prince fan but the guy could play.

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RIP Prince. Another great one ...
And, on the seventh day, God went SKATEBOARDING... and SURFING...

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I only saw Prince once -- at the second rock concert of my life, The Rolling Stones at JFK in 1981. Two of the three opening bands, George Thorogood and The J Geils Band, were received well, but the third act, a fairly unknown Prince was only able to get through a few songs before being totally booed off the stage. While waiting a couple of hours before the next act took the stage, I remember thinking, wow, they booed him off too soon. I had grown to appreciate Prince's guitar playing much more over-the-years.

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Saw him when he came to the United Center - He kicked fuckin ass


calm like a bomb


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Wow, he's awesome in that "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" video.

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Now the doves cry forever... R.I.P

Life is better alive

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Never was a huge fan, but recognize, respect, and acknowledge talent.  And he had it in abundance.  RIP.  
"It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring."  Carl Sagan

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there is a link that comes up at the end of the video above for his performance in the 2007 Superbowl. It was pouring down rain in Miami during his performance; couldn't have been a better show I think it was one of his best. 

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i'm hoping it's staged

dude is beyond talented

the older i get ..... shit i forgot what i was going to say

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RIP ~ 

Prince story,
I didn't have anything to do that day, nobody to do it with, and I was always looking for an excuse to indulge in debauchery, so I headed down to the LA Forum, Prince was playing there tonight, the Purple Rain tour, Sheena Easton was opening up. [rofl] Sheena Easton, Oh well I was on the hunt, I needed some............. I showed up after the parking lot was almost full, hid in the back, got all loaded and headed in. What a bunch of glam fuck's [rofl] but you gotta admit some of those girls in the short skirts looked nasty, this might just be a good night indeed. Sheena Easton had drum sticks that glowed and changed color as she played, that's all I remember about that.
during the break, I motored my way down to 10th row right side, excellent!
Prince came out on stage with a purple motorcycle, proceeded to rip the roof off the place playing guitar and stomping around, these flowers fell out off the sky, chicks where everywhere, COME ON LET'S GO! 
[rofl] Fuck this is crazy! I thought to myself, chicks where all wiggley, sweaty, and rubbing on me, oh yeah, it's going to be a good night. As the show wore on, I would catch myself staring at Prince as he would wail on that guitar of his, Dude could play! anyway after the show I had one of those girls with the glove fingers cut out and the lace everywhere, short short skirt and legs up to her ears, she was drunk as fuck! it's going to be a good night indeed..........we headed out in my Blue Metalflake 66' Mustang, looking for adventure, wound up in a Biker bar about a mile from the Forum, I forget the name of the place, always good for a bowl of chili and a beer after a show. Chick just keeps drinking so I figure I'll do what the bikers do in the biker bars and I take her on a 30 minute tour of the Men's bathroom, finding an empty stall I placed her forehead against the wall, it was turning out to be a good night, afterwards I played a game of pool with some dude with long greasy hair and a Vagos vest, we were playing for his 20.00 or the chick, kind of wanted to ditch the chick...........
ah shit, I won,
so took my 20.00 and my chick and left the bar,
this chick was way to drunk, she's going to get me into trouble,  I had gotten my nut, and I had a 20.00 for eats....................
[rofl] hmmmmm time to ditch the chick.
I'm heading back to the Forum to drop her ass off at her car,  
she's all hanging out of the window singing Prince Little red Corvette,
"Got a pocket full of Trojans...... la de da...."
a Cop pulls up next to me 
and Lights me up!
I explain,
I just met her at the concert,
then we went out for some food and a beer,
and now she's like this, all crazy,
her car is at the Forum parking lot.
The cop looks in my car and the chick giggles and squirms,
he looks back at me and asks if I have had anything to drink,
I said no,
he told me this girl is drunk and we need to take her to jail.........
Yes Sir, Thank You Sir
As I drove away with that big ole smile on my face, my Sack of Weed and a Baggie of Blow I'm sure I heard that chick start singing "Let's go Crazy!"
and I thought to myself, hope you still got a pocket full Trojans girl.................[nono]

That was a Good Night,
a Good Night Indeed as a drove of towards Tommy's burger over on Beverly,
I had a 20.00 to spend [rofl].

Los Angeles was a nightmare and a dream to me during those times, glad to get out alive.
The Prince concert still brings found memories..........
RIP Prince & Thanks for that night [angel]


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big fan...never got to see him live...RIP
now i guess i'll have to tell'em
that i got no cerebellum...

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Have no experiences, CDs, Cassettes, LPs/Vinyl, 8 Track, DVDs,
or memories of Prince. But I know is /was an amazing artist in his
music industry and on stage!
Santa Monica, listened to the tribute and the dude could play. Lordy...
Shackleford, very fun, humorous video post.... "Prince World", outstanding sentence.

"Did you know Prince Died?"....
Heard it all day, office, gym, tennis court, safeway grocery store and
from my wife when I got home....

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sad, sad , day ,this just sucks. R.I.P.
I am an ageing child

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Saw him and Jackson at different concerts, same year I think.

No competition, Prince mesmerised the entire audience for hours on end, and seemed willing to innovate as he was going. I thought the guy was unique at a time when pop was just, well pop.  57, wow that is so young.

"He is no fool, who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose"
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