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Me and FOS are planning on building a 4 ft .25 pipe. We are debating on transitions and how to draw them. we want a semisteep transition. Any ideas or advice, i have heard about the string and nails trick, HELP!
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The string and nail thing is good to create your template. Just make sure your string doesn't stretch. A beter way is to use a piece of 1x1/2. Pound a nail through one end, measure 4' from the nail and drill a hole that will fit a thick pencil. After you've got the template cut, just trace it. If you don't want "circular" transition, you can get elliptical transition but it's a bit harder to lay out. You use a loop of string and two nails. Depending on which part of the ellipse you use, you can steep or mellow transition. Here's a URL that'll help:

String ellipse


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