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I got these directly from Tracker Trucks founder Larry Balma. Although I was not on the Tracker team, they did flow me product for my "45 at 45" old dude hitting 45 skate parks tour back in 2008. 

Selling two of these 1990's version of the Tracker team rider sticker Paypal regular payment. Shipping to other countries, add actual cost. 

First one @ $25 shipped in U.S. has some rough edging on the die-cut. The white background looks fine, but some of the plastic coating is hanging off the edging. See lower left quadrant in photo. Also, next to one of the tiny white spots in the center red stripe the red color has a thicker spot of red. 


Second one @ $40 shipped in U.S. has just a little area of extra plastic coating hanging off below the "U" in "USA". 



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